Posted by: Sammie | August 22, 2007

Miriel’s Gift

Miriel Enfield's

Buongiorno Miriel,

Mille grazie for the new gown! It is everything I dreamed it would be. The long sleeves are quite the proper thing for the young ladies of Venice, my Nonna approves. I especially love the silver broderie on the bodice and hem, it must have taken you hours of work to craft this, and you are a master at such handwork. Was it very difficult to find the silk and metal threads? As you know, garnet is my favorite color, the color in our familia stemma (coat of arms). The velvet is such a luxury, and how cleverly you have sewn the gathers at the back and front of the bodice! When I move it is like a waterfall of velvet flowing around me.

The head piece was a lovely surprise! Nonna agreed I might wear it without the veil, and mi Madre was able to fashion my hair into the proper style to enhance the headpiece. I shall wear the gown to carnevale with a new Columbina masque made by Signore Franco.

I enclose a portrait mi padre’s protegee has made so quickly. Can you see the silver teardrop earbobs you gave me, and the May necklace? Paolo is so clever with his paints!

I must return to my knitted lace, so I bid you arrivederci, Miriel, my oh so talented dressmaking friend. Buona Fortuna and mille grazie!

Sansarya di Caligari

Miriel Enfield slurl


Dress: Miriel Enfield “Lene” in garnet with silver trim (Comes in 10 rich jeweled colors)

Hair: Miriel Enfield “Eleanora” in chocolate (comes in 14 colors with color changing headpiece attached)

Skin: PixelSpa “Beige Garnet”

Eyes: Miriel Enfield “Luminous I” in silverscreen (big)

Jewelry: all by Miriel Enfeild –earrings “Teardrop” (free!); necklace–“May Jewelry” in gold/crystal clear; bracelet–“Antiqued Bracelet” in gold/coral

Ring: custom made “Claddagh Wedding Ring” by Jackal Ennui

Poses: Luth Brodie “Classy 8” and Pixeldolls “Empire AO” and Ida Keen “Ivory Knitting Needles”



  1. sei bellissima Sansarya :-). Indeed very proper attire for the young ladies of the Serenissima. Miriel is wonderful.

  2. Sans, you are beautiful. I love it! 🙂

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