Posted by: Carissa Crimson | August 25, 2007

Fatpack Fun…

and new skirts from SLink just in time for Fall (erm…sorry Kitty…I mean AUTUMN!)

When I saw the SLink post on Fashion Planet from Siddean Munro announcing the release of her new Mid Thigh length skirts, I knew I had to see them up close and personal, because if they were anything NEAR the fabulousness of her long leather coats I figured I was in for a treat! What I did not expect was 17 yummy flavors of prettiness. How does one even begin to pull together ensembles to showcase the loveliness of so many colors? FATPACKS baby!! Finally…my propensity for indecisiveness when I’m shopping (and resulting overindulgence in the fatpack option) has PAID OFF.

 So without further ado…the Mid Thigh Skirt, a must have wardrobe staple from Siddean Munro.

Shiny Bright and Happy:
SLink Mid Thigh skirts colorful

Darker Autumn Delights:
Slink skirts Darks

and Earthiness, with a Cashmere Rose that fits right into the Fall 2007 Pantone Fashion Color Report (Thanks to fellow Fashion Angel Serenity Mercier for the informative reference)
SLink skirts Dark Mix

Soft (and never itchy!) wool skirts, in a classic A-Line. The double button on the waistband is a cute detail (and have I mentioned before how I drool over the little details?) Oh, and yeah…17 COLORS!! You snatch them up for $100L per skirt or be an indecisive lil’ fatpack hoarder like me for $1300L. (does the math…save $400L, which is only $100L away from a new “gotta have them ALL” TaP Vivant skin) Yikes! Tangent!

Back to the skirts. Siddean offers custom fitting assistance for anyone having trouble adjusting the skirts, but getting the skirts aligned was a snap for me, thanks to a root prim sitting pretty on the perfect attach point. My AO is all over the place, so most of the time I have a million and one issues getting my skirts and dresses to stay put. I even selected a pose with a wider stance to show you how well behaved these versatile puppies are.

They worked so great with the boots and sweaters for this review, but I can’t wait to pair them with some funky tights (like last season’s plaid fatpack from Luminosity). Dress them up, dress them down, add a belt or even pair them with the buttery leather goodness of the SLink full length coat…you can’t go wrong…and the possibilities are endless.

 OK. You’re still reading, and not buying?

OH! Other photo credits (fatpacks woot!) after the cutty cut…and in the spirit of blogger extraordinaire, Kitty Lalonde, sezzy pic included.

Ok. So I’m modest and I’m covering the “bits”…
SLink obligatory half nakie blog pic

Hair: Sadly this hair is not available (yet?) A good friend (and PHENOMENAL skinner) Minnu Palen created it (with her multi talented, works WAY too hard self). It’s faboo and FLEXI with little wisps thats flutter in the SL wind. If you want it…you’re gonna have to bug her for the “Cleo” hair because she isn’t sure if she’s gonna sell it yet. (OMG she’s gonna strangle me! *hehe*)
Skin: Erm. Again…not available, but WILL BE!! It’s the Cinnamon Passion skin from Lovey Darling in collaboration with Aradia Dielli. It’s the skin tone all Lovey skin fanatics have been PINING for that’s darker than Chai and lighter than Caramel, and oh so sexy tanlines. Pester Aradia…she’s setting up shop soon.
Necklace: Knotted Black Pearls from Simply Spoiled
Earrings: (that you can’t really see…but I know they’re there) Black Pearl Drops from the River Stone set by Paper Couture
Necklace: Knotted Pearl Strand, black by Simply Spoiled
Camisole: Lace Tank (fatpack) from Second Wave Apparel
Bracelet(s): Right – Simple Pearl Bracelet by Simply Spoiled, Left – from Whisper B&R Set Multi/Black from Earthtones
Socks: What you diidn’t notice the socks…I TOLD you I’m into DETAILS! are Knit Knee Socks in Dark and Medium Color fatpacks from Shiny Things
Boots: Liah boots Fatpack from Covet (shown here in Onyx and Mahogany) from Last Call

and 6 HOURS LATER I realize WordPress ate my sweater credit, coz it was being a MAJOR PITA last night (not even gonna go into how long it took me to get this blog posted)
Sweater: Granny Cardigan in Cool and Warm Color Crates (crate=you guessed it…FATPACK!) by !Frustrated Inc



  1. EEEEK!!!!!!!!!!
    You said CUTTY CUT!!!!
    *comes over all funny and has a lie down*

    Okies, I’m going to look at these skirts, You can have the title of blogger extrodinaire for the meantime, my interwebby has finally laid down and died. No uploading for me!

    Oh yeah, loves you CC


  2. oooooooo I love the top you paired with the skirt!

  3. You look adorable 😉

  4. Thank you Thank you!!

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