Posted by: Serenity Mercier | August 28, 2007

New “Options” Skins from Opium Skin 2.0

Alaska Metropolitan of Opium recently released her new line of modifiable “Options” skins just in time for the Fall Season. All Alaska’s skins are beautifully hand-drawn, the textures created from scratch using her considerable skills as a RL graphic artist. I love my photo-sourced skins, but there’s something about the simplicity, softness and subtlety of Alaska’s hand-drawn skins that I absolutely adore. These skins may not turn heads from across the sim, but when you alt-mouse closer, the designer’s artistry and attention to detail come into clear focus.

What makes the “Options” line especially appealing is the ability to modify the skins to create your own unique looks.  Go into appearances, click on the skin tab, and play with the sliders for Skin Color, Face Detail, and Makeup. You’ll soon have a range of distinctive looks all your own, without ever losing the essence of the original makeup. To give you an idea of the possibilities, the image below shows three different looks for the Mermaid makeup in the light skin tone.


The photo at lower left shows the Mermaid makeup as it appears when you click wear. In the center photo, I played with the colour sliders to create a more tanned look. I also adjusted the makeup, adding more red and gloss to the lips plus a touch more frost to the eyeshadow. For the lower right look, I went for a paler skin tone, but added a hint of freckles, more rosiness and blush to the cheeks, and lifted the eyes with more opacity and frost for the outer shadows. As you can see, with just a few adjustments, I went from one to three distinctive looks for this one makeup. And I had fun doing it!

Shown below is the Summer set of makeups for the “Options” light tone: (l to r, standing) Bronzed (close-up: top left); Mermaid (cu: bottom left); Club (cu: top right); Sunset (cu: bottom right). 


For the full review of the new “Options” skins, please see the 9/4 issue of M2 Metaverse Messenger. For closer views of the photos above, see my own blog: And to check out the skins yourself, tp to Opium Skin 2.0 (Nimrod Yaffle, 115, 143, 22) where you’ll find the “Options” line upstairs on the second level.

Full Credits after the cut!


Hair: Sea Nymph II in Pearl, Sand, Sea Drift and Orchid from ETD

Jewellry: Vino earrings from Opium; Glass Chunk necklace and bracelets from Shiny Things; Recycled necklace and cuffs from Shiny Things; Nelly Cherry earrings from Artilleri; Sweetheart earrings from RH Engel

Lingerie: Insolence and Black Emotion thongs from French Gallery Haute Couture

Shoes: Grace heels in pearl from Maitreya; Ribbon wedges in black from ETD



  1. Thank you for the review! I wanted to add that it’s been pointed out to me that the slider freckles don’t seem to show up well on this tintable skin. I’ve been adding them on custom (as well as changing the eyebrow tone if need be) for an extra L$100.

    Now that I’ve said that I’ll be flooded with IMs. Oops. 😉

  2. I love the hair and jewelry you chose. These skins are stunningly beautiful 😀

  3. Interesting article. Gave pleasure.

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