Posted by: Serenity Mercier | August 30, 2007

Harajuku Love Story

Sweet Serenity succumbs to Queen Kitty and her Harajuku Girls: Tattoo, Bloody and Pretty. Doing dark deeds in style on the streets of Koreshan.

Turn your volume up HIGH! and proceed at your own risk

Want to join the gang? Check out the story on Harajuku Second Life in the 8/21 issue of M2

(To see the vid in fullscreen, link to Kitty’s original youtube post.)

Full credits after the cut. (Are you sure you want to know?)


Naïve Girl (Serenity Mercier): As Schoolgirl: Outfit: Simple J School from Bare Rose; Shoes: Lollies (Black) from Shiny Things; Hair: Sea Nymph II (Pearl) from ETD;  Skin: Options (Mermaid Light) from Opium Skin 2.0; Ears: Leopard Neko Ears (Ivory) from Jungle Voodoo. As Harajuku Girl: Outfit: Steampunk Coat (Black) from Civvies; Black Dreamer Torn Jeans from French Gallery; Boots: Da Chica Boots from Gutterbloods; Hat and Jewelry: Distruzio’s Hat and Junkbead from Angry Monkey; Hair: Churtch (Black/Purple) from Deviant Kitties; Skin: Jessica (Pearl Rain) from Cake 

Harajuku Queen (Kitty Lalonde): Outfit: Black Trench Coat from {soap}, Nekomimi Parka Red Shirt and Encroached Red Skirt from Bare Rose, Veruca Salt Tightys (Black and White) from Truth; Cuffs: Ring Cuff Black from FNKY; Boots: Lilith Boots (Black) from Dark Eden; Hair: Ay (White) from Gritty Kitty; Skin: Vogue Deviant Nation Fishnet in Champagne from Last Call

Tattoo’d Girl (Tiernan Serpentine): Outfit: Smock and Kabuki Skirt (Blue) from Gritty Kitty; Boots:  Lilith Boots from Dark Eden; Skin: Hybrid II (Vestal) from Nevermore Studios; Tattoo:  Hyde from InkD! Tattos; Hair: Karei (Black/Burgundy) from Kin. 

Bloody Girl (Gorgeous Yongho): Outfit: Chiko Slum (includes shoes) from Little Heaven; Hair: Aki (Midnight) from Cake; Skin: Jessica (Pearl Pink) from Cake; Blood: Blood Body from Little Heaven 

Pretty Girl (Carissa Crimson): Credits coming soon



  1. Wow… loved it! You’ve definately found your calling in machinima movie making… great shots, great music… more please 😀

  2. Freakin’ fantastic!! I’m honored and humbled to even have been a part of it. I’m still working on my “edgy” styles…but I’m not complaining about being “Pretty Girl”

    OH. and i’m jealous of that hot Kitty Kiss. *wink*

  3. That was freaking AWESOME; the editing, the look/mood, all the hot avis… great stuff! 😀

  4. Fantastic! Well done to all involved!!

  5. Agreed. Bravo and Encore plz!

  6. Awww I love it, great video Kitty! *pokes Sen to post the credits to see what everyone was wearing and go and buy it*

  7. Oh my god, that video is stunning! Excellent!

  8. Stunning! I love it! Do more, please! *Kisses*

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