Posted by: Queenie Extraordinaire | September 2, 2007

Shadows of the Nyte

Nyte Caligari renovates her store, Nyte N’ Day, releases new clothing and skins and becomes my latest victim of 80’s obsession. 


Brand new is the denim jacket, available in three shades, including optional white beater tank, and the leopard Rainment skirt.  These luscious mini’s are also available in camo, zebra, plaid and solid black and white.  They have shine and texture to add dimension.

Nyte has also moved a ton of goodness upstairs to her discount section marking down her already reasonable prices.

The mixed tape equivalent of credits can be found after the cut (*edited to add SLurls and correct belt info*):

“Cool Rider”-Shirt: from the Tism outfit by Nyte Caligari of Nyte N ‘ Day 

“Like a Virgin”-Gloves: Revers a Lacet by Draconic Lioncourt of Draconic Kiss

“Goody Two Shoes”-Boots and Nylons: Overknees by Armin Wiefel of drawmachine

“Looks That Kill”-Belt: Lushius by Galea Yates of Fancy Schmancy

“Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”-Earrings: Hooptastic Freebie Zebra by Wednesday Soon of Woo’s!

“You Give Love a Bad Name”-Necklace: Claw by Yukirei Greene of Dragones Jewelry

“All Fired Up-Hair”-Syd by Gaia Goodnight of DarkstarDesigns

“One Night in Bangkok”-Skin: Jessica Golden-Smoky Disco by Stumbelina Ophelia of Cake




  1. I love love love how you put that together, I am transported back to the best of the eightie’s lol!

    Great job, Queenie XD

  2. I love your hair 🙂 The jacket is great too *giggles*

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