Posted by: Queenie Extraordinaire | September 3, 2007

Tweedly Dee!

It only took me three tries to shop at Bare Rose today (sim crash, sim restarts…ya know how it is), but worth every $L

135L to be exact for this particular set of three “Judy Tweedly” coats.  While working on an upcoming M2 article on autumn casual comfort–look for it in a couple weeks–I got the urge for something fun and different and for that price…well, it was clearly a no-brainer!  I am showcasing two of the three here, the other being a brown version.  June Dion tends to pack options upon options into boxes with a single swoop, this gem being no exception.


Paired with the “Lagerfeld Headband” (gawd, I love this!) from Megg Demina of Chapeau tres Mignon I am going to venture to say that I have that Harajuku look going on (and iff’n ya say it’s c-c-c-couture, ya better head for the hills lmao), at least in the first pic, but I will take a deep breath and wait for Kitty or Serenity to call me the fool and tell me it ain’t.  Hell, I’m all about the 80’s, what do I know?  LOL

Bunches of ways to wear this outfit rendering the process of digging for the perfect accoutrements unneccessary if you’re in a hurry.  Everything in the pic below is included…everything…well minus the hair, aforementioned headband, skin, tat and the pantyhose.  Expect some prim adjustment time, but even I have it almost perfect and I am prim-challenged to the max.


OMG I’m blogging and I can’t stop!

Credits below the cut (and maybe a nekkid pic….)

Made ya look! 😉

Hair: Rumor by Stumbelina Ophelia of Cake

Skin: Jessica Tan in Peach by Stumbelina Ophelia of Cake (ok, one would think by now I would have the damn SLurl embedded in my brain…and yours!)

Boots from pic one: Bloom Boots in Black by Onyx LeShelle of Maitreya (yeah, that one too…are we getting a hint of my “go-to'”s yet?)

Tat: Asian Tat by Carmilla Mirabeau of Isle’s Ink

Jewelry from pic one: White Pearl Strand by Launa Fauna of the LoveLace collaboration

Hose: Pantyhose/Tights in black by Blaze Columbia of Blaze

Will probably give ya’ll a small breather now…3 days off in a row from RL work doesn’t happen too often which is a good thing for my SL pocketbook! 




  1. I love this outfit, I bought it the other week, and I have a hard time changing since.

  2. I adore almost everything that comes out of Bare Rose and I love love love this outfit, woot!

  3. Bare Rose has some stunning outfits AND great prices 🙂 I love all the parts to the coats 🙂

  4. Oh adorable! Just gotta spend an hour trawling throo BR to find the outfit, lol!

  5. LOL Caterin…luckily, as of presstime, it is still up front with the new releases, so you don’t have to dig too far. Just land and look! 😉

    Thanks for the comments, ladies 🙂

  6. […] a great shop for hair, shoes and jewelry. EDIT – I just did a quick search and somehow missed that Queenie blogged this already…but if you missed it the first time, mayhaps you’ll grab it […]

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