Posted by: Carissa Crimson | September 4, 2007

Asymmetric from Savvy?

Asymmetric from Savvy?

Dakota Buck of Savvy? dropped this insanely gorgeous outfit on me the other night. Not a review copy, mind you. (I get all the new Savvy? releases hand delivered ’til New Year’s Eve coz I’m a smarty pants who knew the inspirations for the Mean Business line…so neener). But I HAD to blog it. The textures are just plain perfect.

The outfit includes a tan rouched blouse with a sweet bow tie at the neck and coordinating crepe style flexi skirt with beautiful green embroidery at the hem. I was drooling over the sweater as soon as it rezzed. The neckline is asymmetric (hence the outfit name) and the softest fabric texture I have ever seen on SL. Don’t you just wanna touch it? Well you CAN’T…get your own! I messaged Dakota right away to beg, plead, and make a general nuisance of myself about her working some photoshop magic to make this lovely, snuggly wrap available in more colors.

Also included are creamy opaque tights, but I opted for a brighter green pair for these pics. In standard Savvy? fashion each piece is available in every imaginable layer for optimal mixy matchy fun, as well as a larger sized prim skirt attachment.

Other credits after the cut

Hair: Cleo by Minnu Palen (not available)
Skin: Fair SkinGloss- Red Lips by Minnu Model Skins
Earrings: Claris Pearls by Muse
Bracelets: Jungle Jane Bracelet Stack by Finc and Flea Market Bracelet by Cake
Hose: Green Pantyhose by Blaze
Boots: Dune in Brown by Maitreya



  1. oooh, lovely!
    */me makes note to learn how to make backgrounds 🙂 *

  2. Oooh, that’s gorgeous! *makes of the gimme hands, lol*

    Really really cute!

  3. It looks great! I just love the cut of the blouse 😉

  4. Madi: This was actually a background in my photosphere. I was a lil concerned that it may not work well with the outfit (green and tan overkill) but I’m really happy with how it turned out.

    Dellah: I really love it too. It’s by far my favorite from Savvy? ‘Kota’s designs are always such high quality with amazing detail. She actually has some fab freebie fitted t shirts available in her store right now. Go get ’em.

    Arianna: Thank you so much! I really hope ‘Kota decides to do the sweater in more colors. I’d love a wine and dark pumpkin.

  5. I must admit that I wasn’t initially a fan of this outfit. It barely peaked my interest when released. But seeing how phenomenal it looks in your picture has changed my mind and I am on my way to buy it now!

  6. I loved this outfit from the get go, and I only hope that Dakota releases more colors for the sweater. It would make a great addition to her separates line, methinks.

    Moreover, I love the hair—both the design in general and how it looks on you. And so this:

    Hair: Cleo by Minnu Palen (not available)

    makes me one very sad kitten.

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