Posted by: Kitty Lalonde | September 4, 2007


Okay so I’m early, what more can I say but FIRST!!!!!!!! Murhahahaha

Halloween doesn’t really have the same impact in the UK, it’s normally some sweet children in cute costumes begging for sweeties, and later on some ASBO type teenagers threatening you for money, ahhh the memories. Anyhoo Tie and I found a kick ass shop called Little Heaven, and heaven it is. Well sort of, if your idea of heaven is a dingy warehouse shop with THE BEST FREEBIE IN SL in it, but more on that later! Here’s some piccies of what to expect from the retail afterlife.

Here are Misao and Pad (Misao being the one who told me about Little Heaven in the first place) pretending to be all sweet and innocent (as if) as they begin their journey across the river Styx… All credits after the cut so move along now.

Next my dearly departed wifey tries to flirt her way out of eternal servitude in the depths of hell (Pffft typical). Mind you it took an hour of photoshoppery to remove the bulge from his cloak *grins*

Okay okay, I think I probably lost your sympathy with the whole ‘my wife is a total slut’ thing now. But you see one has to be well dressed and I’m indecisive so I cloned myself hehe. Well, not really, but this outfit came in many parts so I decided to split it (excluding the slighty demented boots and necklace)

Naked(ish) broom antics after the cut

*slashes the page with a handy scythe*

Oh yes the freebie. Well it’s the BROOM!!!!! (Not the mike, you have to pay for it, but at 50L$, who cares?) Seriously, go get it! You get umm eight I think with different poses and you can just float around with them.

I seriously cannot be arsed to provide a full and detailed credit list, because it’s 1am and I’m SLEEEEEPY! But I shall give you the main gist of it, if you’re desperate to know IM me or leave a comment.

So in order of piccies (not including the halloween one) Misao and Pad were wearing Heavens Gothic white (right) and White Dress (left). In the next picture Tie was wearing Black Dot Dress.

In the final picture was the Lovely Witch Red.

Go find them all at Little Heaven <<<<SLURL (yay!)




  1. Awwwww babes, another great post! Love it! Though I think you’re getting a bit lax with the credits. Take a look at my post if you want to some tips on how it’s done.

  2. *sighs*

  3. Uh… TOO early!! Come on guys, I don’t want to start thinking about cavities yet.

  4. I’m sooo glad I got that broom before the creator figures out it SHOULD cost like $5000L *pats broom lovingly* “Yess, my precioussss…”

  5. Tenshi, I don’t think YOU should be worried about cavities, well, not in your teeth anyway!

    Anyhoo, must dash, gotta get this Christmas Fashion post doned!

    ps: I’m NOT some insane freak who blogs about holidays months before they happen, but I am an insane freak who got a broom and wanted to blog it anyway possible hehe

  6. Lovely outfits, but where are those great pasties from?

  7. Hehe the Pasties are from Dark Eden and are also FREE!!!!

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