Posted by: Tiernan Serpentine | September 4, 2007

Witchy Stitches

Continuing the witchy theme and cleverly topical coming up to Halloween and all and *looks at Kitty* SECOND!  Ummm, that lost some of the impact.  Here’s a newish offering from Barerose that comes in the usual multitude of colours, random bits and pieces and parts that you’ll never wear.

Spooky isn’t it?

Oh yes, apart from the lovely outfit and the picture (which incidentally took hours because I was trying to make it look as good one of Kitty’s who even more incidentally managed to make five of the bastards before I finished my first), I’m Tie, grudging wife and glamorous star of Kitty Lalonde’s better fashion posts.  This is my first effort at fashion blogging and if the amount of time that’s gone into it is any measure, probably my last too… for this season anyway.

For those accustomed to exciting stuff after the cut you can imagine some sort of filthy, deviant photos filled with throbbing nakedness.  Oh ummm and some credits too.  But it’s nearly 2am and I can’t be buggered to do a cut, and more importantly have no clue how.

Suffice it to say that the outfit is from Barerose and it’s called witchy witch… sorceress.. something.  Oh, and I wasn’t wearing any panties while wearing it or doing this post!




  1. You dirty dirty bitch! Jeeezus, does this mean you had no panties on when we were talking? And what about when my mother came over *slaps forehead* I so can’t take you anywhere!

    Oh quality over quantity baby, your picture pwns mine in a ‘reamed in the arsehole with a small lighthouse’ kind of way… Remind me why I do all the photoshop on the magazine again?

    Congrats on losing your blog virginity, welcome to the world of red carpets, top designers throwing new items into your inv and invites to all the top tables (all bullshit but hey, we have an image to maintain)


  2. Who are you? Please don’t ever comment on my posts again.

  3. Umm we met that one time, you were working behind the bar in that club, the old bloke was shouting something about you not being worth the two dollars he paid…

  4. Ohhhhh that old bloke is YOU?! Well, I did think there was a slight odour of old spice in the air.

  5. Fuck

  6. Never a truer word was spoken *sniggers in satisfaction and skips off to bed*

  7. *points to your new bed, which is the sofa and runs off snickering*

  8. *looks at Kitty blankly before pointing at the dog kennel and shutting her out the back door*

  9. *snivels in the cold and wet merely keeping up with the inane banter to continue your first post into the ‘award for most comments’ category at the blogging oscars*

    Ummm am I still allowed to post on the blog now Mads?

  10. *opens the bedroom window against a gale force wind* Will you shut UP down there, I’m trying to sleep!

    I think someone else should get in the last word quickly or this is going to go on all night.

  11. Word

  12. *eavesdrops and laughs her ass off* Great first post Tie 🙂 I think you should do all my photoshopping too

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