Posted by: Carissa Crimson | September 6, 2007

Minnu Model Skins Gloss

I’m not gonna write too much for this post, mainly because the photos should do the talking for me, and after hours of putting them together I’m falling onto my keyboard exhausted.

Minnu Models skins have take the grid by storm, and for those of you who’ve been under a rock and haven’t gotten the chance to check them out. Here they are (most of them, anyway) for your viewing enjoyment.

Stay tuned for a Designer Spotlight on Minnu Palen in an upcoming issue of the Metaverse Messenger,

Animated Minnu Fair

Minnu Freckle Animation

Minnu Pale Animation

Minnu Light Animation

Minnu Tan Animation

Minnu Dark Animation

I’ll do other photo credits tomorrow…erm *checks the clock and realizes it IS tomorrow*…I mean later today.


I was extremely tired this morning and I’m now realizing that I *should* have added a bit of explanation regarding what is so special about these skins to me.

#1. Your avatar’s shape REALLY affects the look you get with Minnu skins. Many skins on SL leave us looking like clones no matter how much we work our sliders. As I commented to Claudine below, I ADORE Lovey skins, and I was a die hard Chai skin girl until I started seeing them on every avi and her sister. As beautiful as they are, I began to feel like I was part of an exponentially multiplying clone experiment. When the Minnu skin explosion occurred a few weeks ago, I was reluctantly considering finding a new skin yet again (even flirting with a few of the Cake skins in the Golden and Pearl tones) until I compared the posters of myself, Aradia Dielli, and Minnu Palen herself that decorate the walls in the MM store. Other than the skin tone and slight resemblance in the nose, we look entirely different.

#2. In my most humble opinion (again my personal taste) these makeups are hands down better than any other on the grid. Pretty, fresh, realistic, and not overly airbrushed with selections that range from natural to sophisticated to bold and dramatic. Try zooming in on the eyes and you’ll notice a detail that makes me all warm and fuzzy: eyeshadow dust on the lower inner corners of the eyes and the faintest powder crinkles. If the detail on the eyes isn’t your thing, then you can’t deny the lips. Full and beautiful (and again, very customizable with your shape) with creamy lipsticks and shiny glosses. The lips are my absolute favorite feature. Another note on the makeups: They aren’t the same style brows and lip color thrown together with a couple of different shadow colors of the same application. Each makeup is UNIQUE, and often only available in a singular skin tone, created with an overall look in mind and not mass produced for the sake of filling a fatpack.

#3. Last but not least, the skin itself. Now I’m first to admit that it’s pretty difficult to say that one body design is infinitely better than any of the other quality skins available. Customarily, my avi is rarely ever naked unless I’m having an Inventory Crisis. What does set Minnu’s body apart is the smooth and blended skin tones. The Freckled skin is a subtle freckle, like the ones I see in my mirror in the morning…not great big brown splotches. The Dark is natural and creamy, not just a darker tinted version of one of the lighter tones. The Tan is a warm healthy glow, with no pesky orange. My favorites are the Light, Pale, and now the new Fair tones. Beautiful shading and just freakin pretty.

#4. Oh wait. The price: $1150L for single skins, or $6000L for 7. Granted, that is more expensive than some skins on the market, but also less than Naughty skins that haven’t seen a makeup expansion on any Style since the release of the Gothic set for Zoe several months ago.

That’s my two pennies, take then or leave them.




  1. Animations were all good on Fashion World. ) Those are very nice. I am going to have to go check them out.

  2. these and the lovey skins are my current faves ….i really have to say thumbs up for the beautiful skin tones normally i stick to one but these skins i love in pale , light and tan
    oh and its great that the tan one isnt a glowing orange πŸ™‚

  3. Styleyourdestiny: I’m sooo relieved the animations translated well on Fashion Planet. I spent alot of hours putting them together.

    Claudine: I totally agree. Lovey was my “everyday” skin before I found Minnu on the SL Forums. I have most of the better quality skins available in SL, but I always found myself going back to Lovey. Until I tried my first demo of these. The makeups are amazing, and although I didn’t show it in this post, the body on these skin is equally stunning.

  4. They are definitely nice, but I guess I dont see what all the fuss is about. They aren’t miles above whats out there currently, nor are they unique or different. Do all the bloggers just like blogging the same thing over and over out of habit?

  5. yes carissa the body is stunning too the shading and everything perfect

    shopper i think these are unique especially the catwalk inspired make ups with the lace details
    i think the brows look more natural than on alot of other very well known skins and the lips look very nice which is the most important thing for me oh and the skin tones look natural most tan skin tones are to orangey or to dull looking but thats just my opinion there are alot of great skins out there but these and the lovey skins are my current faves and im a skin addict πŸ™‚

  6. Shopper: Wow. You know the great thing about SL is that we all have a plethora of goodies available to suit our own distinctive styles and tastes.

    I have edited my post to include what makes these skins different and unique for me. Hopefully that gives you a little more insight into why I chose to post this blog, which incidentally started as a release notice about the new Fair color tone. I had so much fun creating the animation for the Fair makeups that I just kept going with all the tones.

    And please feel free to skim past any of my posts you view as repetitive, although I really try to add a twist to how I blog. Especially when the Fashion Planet feed is slammed with reviews of the exact same item from 5 different bloggers.

    But thanks for your feedback.

  7. Shopper, I did a very careful look over on the skin that was given to group members – and I have to say there are several details that might not be miles above but are appreciated by me. I take all my clothes and hair off in order to look over a demo, and I do this in private, to really see the goods so to speak. I especially like the breasts, tummy and back, and the feet on this skin. That’s a lot of details.

    I am not a huge fan of photorealistic skins but certain of these make ups will soon come to my inventory – they are very nice.

  8. Ironically for me, this and Lovely skins are the two that I dislike most of those that have had flash fad popularly on the grid. My primary reason for both is the mouths—which I find look identical on every wearer. With Minnu skins, it’s because the lower lip is so pouty/the shadow is so exaggerated; with Lovely, it’s that the way-out-of-the-lines coloring means that everyone has the same huge cupid’s bow no matter how they set their sliders.

    I’m not trying to drag your post down … I just find it interesting to see how opinions differ, and why. Makes for an interesting peak into other people’s minds.

  9. Skin choices are personal and as Carissa mentions, very shape dependent. I know many people who love the MM skins and look very beautiful in them, and some whose preference falls elsewhere. For me, I only own one MM makeup and it hasn’t grown on me just yet – though surely seeing Ara and Carissa in them helped nudge me to try them. Then again, it’s no secret where my skin preferences are primarily. That said, I like to mix it up and am almost always acquiring new skins.

    Choice is a wonderful thing xD

    *Oh and ps I would venture to say that all of the bloggers try to add their own twist on things…kkthx πŸ™‚

  10. I tried them on. Amazing. I love it. These are top notch skins.

  11. Me again. I just wanted to say that I really really appreciated you putting together these animations. They are a great way of comparing one make up to another.

  12. Lovely write-up! I appreciate the work and talent put into these skins and they look quite beautiful on many avies I have seen. Sadly, they didn’t work on me…however, that was at first glance weeks ago. After your post I think I may take a second look.


  13. I had to come back. I posted earlier under my shop blog(styleyourdestiny), sorry.

    I went and tried on some demos and thank goodness I do not have that many lindens left from my hair spree last week. I am now very poor.

    For the people complaining about skin blogging, I am very, very picky about my skins. My friends are always complaining that I do not change my skin as often as they do. This was my first major skin purchase since April. I am just that picky about my skin. I fell in love with the realistic look of the skin itself and not the makeup choices. It took me longer to select a makeup that I liked but it was well worth it.

    Thanks, Fashion Heaven.

  14. I tried on a demo of one of the older skins actually, I found I looked very fresh but very ordinary. I just don’t buy ordinary skins (the facial makeup is always pretty much the only thing I ever look at). I didn’t look like me… she had an irritatingly dark “lightest” back then, and now knowing that she’s mixed it up with more unique makeups and finally an actually pale pale, I think I’ll be back ^.^ Thanks Carissa πŸ™‚

  15. Ever since I got my RaC skin I haven’t thought of another skin. I purchased the base in both light and tan- why? No makeup! I cannot find many skins that look decent on my shape (which is chunkier and shorter than the average av) and that have minimal/no makeup. Certainly Minnu Palen deserves to have someone praise her hard work..I sure appreciate it very much!

  16. BTW, no idea if the skin creator is female/male, so I can’t edit that to be s/he. I mean’t no offense if I was incorrect.

  17. Siyu: I was also ECSTATIC when I saw that Minnu had released the FAIR skin tone in some of her best makeups. I snatched up all 7. I talked to her earlier today and she has more Fair makeup designs already in the works.

    Kesseret: Minnu (the designer) is most definitely a SHE. πŸ™‚

  18. I love these skins, and they look great on most avatars. I am very picky about skins so it’s hard to find skins I really like. I found my self battling an addiction to Minnu skins, but the only issue I have now is that everyone is wearing them and I hate to look like everyone else. I guess I should make my own lol, but you will see me walking the grid once in a while with my pretty minnu skin! πŸ™‚

    You did a wonderful job hun, don’t pay attention to those that don’t show appreciation.

  19. I am also very very picky about my skins. A lot do NOT look good on my avatar. My last skin I had been wearing for well over a year (a skin by Naughty Design called Chase). Nothing else looked better to me and I tried all the demos that I could. Until now… I tried these skins and LOVE them. Can’t wait for her to release more makeups. πŸ™‚

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