Posted by: Queenie Extraordinaire | September 7, 2007

Monsieur Extraordinaire

When Solange Cerveau of Solange! Fashions fame informed me that she was going to venture into men’s clothing she sounded excited, if not a bit hesitant.  However, I knew a lady of her skill would flawlessly pull it off and that quite a few men would be very, very thankful and begging for more (an effect she already has on me LOL).

As I had covered her beautiful “Mademoiselle” set in a previous post, Solange offered me the opportunity to take a look at the coordinating men’s outfit, “Monsieur.” She warned me that I might enjoy wearing it myself, and she was right as you’ll see in a later pic.  But my challenge was to find a male for this post, and who better than my former RL partner and co-founder of RockNGames Radio (*shameless plug–celebrating 3 years this month, woohoo!*), DJNog Extraordinaire.  After bringing him to Luth Brodie’s Reel Expressions for some hot male poses, we were ready for the shoot.  As a first time model, I must say that he was fun, willing and easy to work with and he loved the outfit, just as expected!

Monsieur is available in 6 colors, corresponding with the ladies Mademoiselle, and several outfit options.  Two jackets, including original and darker shades, buttoned and unbuttoned paisley tops, and yet another unbuttoned version with a t-shirt underneath, and of course the pants, made of finely crafted pleated corduroy.  Anyway, enough explaining because the men probably don’t want to read about it, they just want to SEE it! 


It is important to note that these are No Transfer, however Solange makes gift-purchasing simple with the gift vendors found in her store.  As with the ladies version, Monsieur is available in separate colors as well as a 20% off Phat Pack.


Click for more and to see how us ladies can rock this too!

While at Reel Expressions, Nog and I took a look at Luth’s recent couple’s poses as well and we each chose one.  Choosing which colors to wear was not quite as simple:

 You: I’m gonna put the ladies version on and try the other couples pose I got…what color ya think?
 Djnog Extraordinaire: man I like em all LOL
 You: hehehee
 Djnog Extraordinaire: red or….
 Djnog Extraordinaire: green
 Djnog Extraordinaire: or blue
 Djnog Extraordinaire: red or purple
 You: or blue…the blue’s nice
 Djnog Extraordinaire: lets do the red

So in the first image, as you can see, we did finally settle on red and I chose the Mademoiselle miniskirt to maximize the pose.   In the second image we are both in the black version of Monsieur which I accessorized with Siyu Suen’s Sabrina top hat and my fave gloves ever, Revers a Lacet by Draconic Lioncourt of Draconic Kiss.


So we had a bunch of “first’s” in this post:  Solange’s first foray into creating menswear, Nog’s debut modeling gig, and my first time attempting to use a subject other than myself for a blog post.  And I am counting on more for all of the above!




  1. Hey Queenie!

    I really like this set, haven’t had a chance to get over there though before now. Now that there’s a men’s version maybe I and my partner will each get one. I really love Solange’s clothes. She always gives so many options and I found I could tint some of her pieces for mixing and matching as well.

    I will be making a visit to Solange! sometime soon.

  2. Q! OMG! (*/me fans herself)

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