Posted by: Sammie | September 8, 2007

Back to School

Back to School set

Don’t you just love Autumn? I have my favorite things about autumn, including but not limited to: new pencils, notebooks, folders, school clothes shopping, rainy days, falling leaves, and Halloween (the official start of “chocolate season”).

Sadly, this may be the first Autumn in 33 years that I haven’t been preparing to start school myself, which is kind of shocking in the sense that school has been my whole life. OTOH, I am a teacher so that does have some bearing on that statement *smile*. I may not be going back to school this year, but I did find the perfect outfit for going back to school or just for nice, chilly autumn days at Janie Marlowe’s Mischief. It’s the “Falling In” outfit released last week.

The set comes with a loosely knit sweater, white under tank and flared cargo pants. I really love the whole look. It’s casual and comfy. The outfit is sold in three color selections. I chose the Robin set because the color of the sweater is so gorgeous, but the pants are a neutral olive brown, so they can go with lots of other things.

Just a short post about how much I love this outfit. I hadn’t been to Janie’s store in ages (boy have I got some catching up to do!), and I’m loving lots of her new stuff.

Credits: Hair-“Hudson” in Brownie by Sand Shack Surf Co.; Skin-“Caramel Cafe” by Lovey Darling; “Teardrop” earrings by Miriel; “Heart Lens Aviators” by Sand Shack Surf Co.; “Favorite Leather Bag” by Shiny Things; “Old Boots” by Shiny Things; Poses by Reel Movement.



  1. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

    San’s is BACK!

    And she said fooking autumn, damn I love that girl!

    *huggles you big time* Love the post babes and if you ever miss it you can teach me anytime you like!

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