Posted by: Queenie Extraordinaire | September 13, 2007


I am changing my name to Carine because I want to be named after this outfit.


While we love DE Designs for the leather, we can now love it for a bit of lace as well.  “Carine” is a smart, sexy outfit with the femininity of the corset style bodice, pleated pants (also included on the bootastic underwear layer), and the smooth satin of the accompanying ankle length skirt.

DoC does detail where it is often missed.  Even without prims, he makes areas such as the collar come to life.  The subtle asymmetric cut of the neckline adds even more realism.   While I am usually quick to reach for the boot layer pants, I think the original flare legs really bring out the shape and shading of the pants. 

Additional credits:

 Hair: Chalisa by Elikapeka Tiramisu of ETD (she’s backkkk!!)

Skin: Jessica Tan in Peach by Stumbelina Ophelia of Cake

Shoes: Enchant in Black by Onyx LeShelle of Maitreya

Nylons: Pantyhose/Tights in black by Blaze Columbia of Blaze

Jewelry: Cameo Choker by Solange Cerveau of Solange! Fashions




  1. *happy sigh* It’s a work of art. I picked mine up right away 😉

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