Posted by: Carissa Crimson | September 15, 2007

Heavenly Hash with Kats Coat

Number of minutes between the /artilleri/ update and the Kats Coat fatpack nestled snugly in my inventory? 2 (I had to wait for the vendor board to rez!)

 Number of days I’ve been wearing the Coat, unable to part with the gorgeous snuggliness? 2.

/artilleri/ Kats Coat

 This Heavenly Hash started with the coat in maroon, including fur cuffs and a fur collar for both chest and spine attach points, I was determined to put together a look that harmonized with the fantabulousness of the primwork and texturing.

 For the makeup, I chose a rich velvety lipstick to complement the deep color of the coat and long dramatic prim lashes.

My goal was a sophisticated look with a hint of a Parisian feel, so naturally a pretty sculpted beret as in order, topping an ultra short length, finger curl coif. The earring design hints at a fleur de lis with a dainty diamond solitaire set in the center.

Layered beneath the coat is a snug black turtleneck with a cozy prim collar, and leather gloves in crimson to keep my fingers toasty.

The skirt is a chocolate wool A line that fits great beneath the shape of the trench. Semi opaque tights and square toed pumps complete the look from tete a pied.

All credits after the cut:

Beret: Nicole Hat (with scripted color change) by Tesla
Hair: Flapper in Blonde by ETD
Skin: MM Light SkinGloss in Blood by MM Skins
Lashes: Catwalk Prim Lashes by MM Skins
Earrings: Freebie Black Signature Set by Lassitude & Ennui
Coat: Kats Coat in Maroon by /artilleri/
Shirt: Black Turtleneck by tres blah
Gloves: Leather Gloves in Scarlet by Tete a Pied
Skirt: Mid Thigh skirt in Chocolate by SLink
Tights: From the Victorian Club outfit by Paper Couture
Shoes: Trilline in Gunmetal by LC Vamp



  1. gorgeous! 🙂

  2. Stunning! ❤

  3. I wanted to get my little grubby paws on those coats since they were posted. You’ve made a gorgeous outfit and what luck, I have a few of those skirts. Fantastic!

  4. Love this look!
    Where is the turtleneck sweater from? Didn’t see it in the credits list and I need to knoooowww =P

  5. Thank you so much!

    eep!! Tuli…I thought I was forgetting something! The turtleneck is from tres blah. I’ll get it added to the credits!

  6. Gorgeous! I absolutely love the whole look!

  7. You look AMAZING in that skin, love the outfit too.

  8. Lookin hawt, girl. 😉 Rawr.

  9. that is an AWESOME outfit 🙂

  10. You look beautiful as per usual! 🙂

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