Posted by: Carissa Crimson | September 17, 2007

Self Serving: 12Avatars

I realize my chances are quite slim with the enormous amount of gorgeous avi’s entered in the 12 Avatars contest, but I still threw my hat in the ring.

If you think my avi is up to snuff, and you haven’t promised your vote to anyone else, I’d be honored for you to brave the lag of the voting sim and click my pic. Here’s the slurl to the direct location of my voting station, or look for #72 D if you’re a glutton for the fun of walking in jello, and browsing the 500 entrants. Good luck to EVERYONE!!

12Avatars Photo



  1. awwww yous so pweetyfull, u got my vote πŸ˜‰

  2. Good god Carissa! You are HOT!

  3. /agrees. Stunning photo! Gluck! You get my vote.

  4. oh wow!! thank you so much! *HUGS* I really didn’t expect that kind of reaction!

  5. lol yup2 girl..we share a booth πŸ˜€

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