Posted by: Carissa Crimson | September 19, 2007


Abby Coalcliff of Devilish Cupcake dropped some of her new pieces from the Emma Collection on me last week. Cute stuffies, and for the record…I took the  pics right away. Somehow I just got around to blogging them today though. (Mayhaps because the huge distraction called SL is currently down for maintenance).

New from Devilish Cupcake

The above outfits feature a short-sleeved mock turtleneck in two varieties…plain and (as Abby cheekily names it) “diamondy”. I really like the texturing on the diamondy variety, and the plain is pretty as well…only it adds more of a boobaliciousness than I usually go for.

The capris are darling. Well made, with flaired prim legs, versatile, and just one of those wardrobe staple items. I know it is difficult to see the difference in the pic, but the two outfits on the left are in a charcoal and the two on the right are in a deep brown named chocolate chip.

Worn with chocalate chip is a beautifully textured camisole and also paired with a coordinating short sleeved suit jacket. I can definitely see myself using these pieces with other fabbies from my inventory.

 Other creds:

(SL is down, you get no slurls right now, and I’m also going from memory)
Hair: Truth by Cake…I can’t remember the color…but it’s one of those pretty browns.
Skin: MMSkins SkinGloss Light (Base…I think…or Classic…heck…does it matter?)
Bracelets: (L to R)
Hematite (something like that anyway) from Shiny Things
Painted Wooded Bracelets from Naughty Designs
Some sort of green wooden bracelet from Earthtones
Tights: Buncha color pack from Blaze
Shoes: (can you really see them??) Those new square toed ones from LC Vamp…Trilliane or some such.
(how obvious is it that I simply LOATHE…I mean ADORE *smiles brightly*…doing the credits)


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