Posted by: Queenie Extraordinaire | September 21, 2007

Heavenly Hash-Tanks and…tanks?

My name is QQ and I suffer from blogging binges.  After one of my most recent binges, I detoxed thanks to RL late nights keeping me busy, but the withdrawls took over and here I am back with a Heavenly Hash, complete with second helpings!

I have some things I have been sitting on, and here is one of them.  These feminine yet sexy tank tops by Yenta Semyorka of Y7 come in a pack of four featuring different shades of an oceanic horizon complete with a great cut on both the neckline and the hem with additional texture and wrinkle work making these fun, quality additions to any inventory.  Isabeaux leather pants by Launa Fauna of LF Fashions add a bit of “bad girl” flair especially with these gorgeous prim belts, respectively La Perle and Lushius, by Galea Yates of Fancy Schmancy.  Black leather Chelles wedge shoes by Skylar Pomeray of CSJ Designs are my chosen footwear here, and Onyx Leshelle of Maitreya is responsible for the no-nonsense Suya hair.  Wooden beaded jewelry finish the look off thanks to Caliah Lyon’s Kailena Sea and Shore necklace from her store Muse and the Coco-Nuts bracelet stack by Veronyka Heckroth of Frustrated Inc.


Next is a somewhat military chic hash that began with a dark green military jacket by Maria Gherardi of MG Fashion(available in other colors and on her discount wall!).  Maria had kindly passed me a couple of berets that I have been having fun with so I took a trip to her store and am definitely looking forward to seeing what she does in the future.


These boots, Industry boots, were such a fantastic surprise this morning provided by Accacia Brissot of Infernal.  Boots are both my weakness and the bane of my very SLexistence and I cringed as I put them on with the expectation that they would not “fit.”  I was right…they didn’t…BUT these were some of the most easily modifiable boots I have come across and in no time at all, and with barely any loss of the originally intended design, I was in boot heaven!  I dug out my old raggedy ass (that’s really what they are named!) stockings, garters and belts by Govindira Galatea of D3volution!, picked up the black leather glove set at Roslin Petion’s Tete a Pied, slightly tinted the brown scarf that comes with the Peepul outfit by June Dion of Bare Rose, along with a rope necklace I picked up for 50L at Kimmera Madison’s Tres Beau.  The belted plaid skirt is a piece from DoC Eldritch of DE Designs’ Valley Girl outfit and finally the hair is Onyx Leshelle’s latest, River.

While winding down after too long of a night at RL work I started playing around in Photoshop with lighting and effects and such.  If you’d like to have a look:


I’d say TGIF however that don’t matter since I have to work Saturday. 😛  Don’t forget the ACS Fashion Show event brought to you by Second Style and the Fashion Angels on Sunday, Sept 23rd, at 2PM SLT!




  1. Well I must say that if you were fighting againts me and i saw the enemry with that outfit, on I sure as hell would defect to the other side 😛

  2. lmao Mission accomplished! 😀


  3. like the pendants in the top image

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