Posted by: Kitty Lalonde | September 22, 2007

Fashion Essential of the Year!

Yeah yeah, so they have these sort of posts all the time, the whole ‘OMG this is so great, you have to buy it’ blah blah bollocks.

But this time it’s actually true… clever no?

Only you will ever see it, and no one will know you’re wearing it. I am, of course, talking about the Tiny Empires hud!

Now I’m really not the person to force all my friends/loved ones/random people into things that I think are awesome (except Tie, but that was clearly stated in the prenup) but Tiny Empires is the dogs, I don’t have the writery qualities to explain how good it is. You’ll just have to trust me. I first heard about it in Jelly’s blog. It’s a sort of hierachy game where you buy land, enslave people into your line, and grow in rank through the series of increasingly haughty sounding titles.

Right I’m pretty certain I’m losing your attention now so…. OOOoOo look CLOTHES!!

Ha! That gotcha. Anyways, so you grow and grow in rank until you become a mighty king or summit. There’s loads of cliqueing and drama for those that care for that, or you can play the game at a more leisurely pace.

As you can see in the pictures Tie and I have been taking the regality of it all rather to heart.

One other thing. The autumnal looking sim behind us is The October County. It’s unfinished as yet but it’s incredibly beautiful on a Straylight sort of scale, and yet spooky, they play old radio drama’s of a spooky nature on the audio at certain times and have events and so forth. I have to admit I haven’t been to an event yet so it may indeed be cack but probably worth a peek!

More crap after the cut (“OFF with his head!”)

Look! I’ve actually become a Marquise since, but nevermind

The lahverly outfits featured were in the first piccie

Big poufy dress – Bloody Countess – Silver Rose Designs

Worn with unobtainable *sniff* ETD hair and Drew Skin from RaC (No SLurl, SL’s a bitch ain’t it)

Funky gothy suity ting – EGA Noble Black – Bare Rose

Worn with Dare (It’s mens hair people) from Naughty and my old faithful (rereleased) Deviant Nation Last Call Vogue skin from Last Call.

Also from last call is the evil looking black dress Arachne worn with another old ETD hair (Tie finally fixed hairs she bought a year ago, bless her little cotton socks) and the same skin

The flouncy dress is also from Bare Rose (what? It’s cheap! Sheeeesh) called Noble Fleur and comes in an inventory maxing amount of shades colours with random primmy bits. Oh, and the hair was the new Angela hair from Refuge.

Tiny Empire – Get it! (or you can IM me and I’ll pass you on a trial version *smiles in the manner of one who deals heroin*)

Get to The October County here.

Sorry for the scrappiness, but I have subjects to beat into submission, buh bye!



  1. *crawls away from secondlife and tiny empires just long enough to make a distracted ‘wooot, nice post baby’ before slinking back in*

  2. yay Tiny E!

    Princess of Wessex hehe šŸ˜€

  3. Awesome post and pics.

    /me is going to take pics in that sim.

  4. Oh mans, im totally hooked on that too. Its fun when you are talking to a friend or something and all the sudden you get an offer for them to be your liege (or vice versa) and you can be like “ohh busted, you’re as big of a nerd as I am!”

  5. Countess Katt Kongo here. Feel free to liege to me.

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