Posted by: Madi | September 24, 2007

ETD Newness

ETD blog newness

OK, yes, I know…no self-respecting fashion blogger would post without assembling a stellar outfit in every post, but I just could not help myself. There’s some new releases coming from ETD later this week and they are just so much fun! This post is all about hair, the whole hair, and nothing but the hair so help me…er…yeah.

Perfect for fall, first up we have Amber, with a texture changing cap that comes in red, tan, brown, pink, cream, black, purple and green. Next up, for the tomboy in all of us is Kit, with a texture changing cap in tan, brown, white, green, black, blue, and red. Laurie is going to strike a chord with all you cowgirls at heart out there with…you guessed it….a texture changing cap in pink, cream, light tan, black, medium tan and brown. Last but not least is Leslie, sporting pigtails with all her cuteness.

Come on girls, go check out ETD and these fun new looks!



  1. Get what where? These are not at etd at all

  2. hehe, they aren’t out yet! Tomorrow or Wednesday!

    /me thanks her pocketbook for going crazy on Elika’s ACS auction….

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