Posted by: Kitty Lalonde | September 24, 2007


This is a ventage post, just so ya know.  Any info required on the top I’m wearing please go here where there will be at least 12 people to tell how Zomg it is, ta.

This post is about summit different. I wandered into Maitreya today and thought to purchase some of the Enchant shoes, as is my usual custom I flung the whole folder on and performed the customary critique on them (they’re nice, buy them). So I wandered off to show Tie. Then I heard a familiar sound of a horse plodding past I muttered my usual (which can’t be repeated here) and carried on, but the noise followed me. Then, and in a moment which shall haunt me for the rest of my SLife I realised it was my boots! 

So I stopped walking immediately (cue nasty scraping sound that sets teeth on edge) and investigated. Thankfully there were two right shoes, one of which blissfully devoid of sound, the other one now residing in trash. But why? Why do we want to sound like clip clop horses, or worse. I was in last call yesterday when I heard a cat being sick. Seriously, this chicks boots made exactly the same noise as a cat retching.

It’s worse than bling, it really is. At least with blingtards you can turn off the particles or orbit them. But with the clip clop creatures orbitting is the only option you have (and believe me if you continuously stop and scraaaaape along the floor, I will orbit you.)
So can we all get a bit more sensible now please? Danke schoen.



  1. Ooo I was down on the farm yesterday mucking out when I heard a group of young ladies trotting past with these shoes on. Turned out though it was just a group of medieval roleplayers with their horses. Pretty horsies though.. so sleek and black.

  2. ‘kaaaaaay…

  3. *squats in the corner retching like a cat*

  4. *disowns Tie*

  5. It’s about time someone said something about it, it’s one of the most annoying things about shopping now a days, but at least unlike bling you get some sort of warning, it doesn’t just hit you in the face when you turn around LOL.

  6. This definitely belongs on the list of things I could live without in SL. And one of the many reasons I generally have the sound turned off in SL.

  7. The clip clop boots are one of my biggest pet peeves as of late in SL. Definitely on the list of top tens.

  8. I remember when I was in the Fashion Emergency group (before I finally abandoned after hearing the SAME requests from the SAME ppl day after day) and gal’s were asking for shoes that made noises when they walked…my response was always “GOOD LORD! WHY do you want that?”

    I supposed since I’m generally quiet in RL, I don’t wanna sound like I’m galloping around while I shop in SL.

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