Posted by: Kitty Lalonde | September 24, 2007

The Great Fashion Shortage: Day 49

So no bugger made anything that’s piqued my interest of late. I blame Tiny Empire’s meself but nevermind.

Fortunately the only review copies I ever get are Cabbage Readers Monthly which means I don’t have to blog all the other crap so I went hunting for new clothsies.

First up this sexxoringly good jumper. Perfect for ‘farmer chic’ (more on that later, or I might persuade my yokel missus to do it) It comes as a sweater dress type thing, unfortunately the skirt is one prim hell and has the same flexibility as a mans backbone when faced with rag week, ie it flaps around hysterically and looks like a twat. However if you ignore that it has sculpty sleevsies and a neck, which you can pull up for that emo look, if you care to.

My new coat! I loves coats, don’t ask why, I have more coats than shoes, and this one has shot to the top of my wearing it all week list. I can’t be arsed to babble about it, just go and get it, as it’s great, until someone designs a sexy little jacket with prim cuffs, collar and flappy bottom bits. Maybe in suede *hint!*.

And finally, for those amongst us who thinks Bruce Campbell is sexier that sex, it’s a chainsaw. It’s rusty hard to fit (Made for men pffft) but it looks good with anything. If you don’t believe me IM me and I’ll teepee you over for a demonstration. It’s this seasons must have accessory (Shit, apart from Tiny Empire’s…). Oh yeah, and also worn is a fake kitty tail. So you can look like a trampy neko wannabe!

All the random crap and a video all about my PANDA!!! *snuggles the panda* oh yes I love you, you’re much better than my shadow *kisses the panda and scampers off behind the cut*


*giggles* so that’s the panda, only costs 100 lindenies and plays a strangly addictive tune on the way round. Want one? It’s convoluted, go to a sim called Kowloon (map it people) and wander through the big scary doors, the first shop on the left has the panda box which teepees you to a place with lots of em, look carefully, there’s another box where you can buy it from. Also, look around the sim, much of the vid was filmed there, it is an amazing sim, one of the best I’ve ever seen.

Okay okay, product info.

Picture one – Jumper is from Amerie’s Naughty

Picture two – Coaty Coat from Backyard

Picture three – Chainsaw is from Monogrind Fake Kitty tail from Kitty Scraps where you can also find the funkaliscious legwarmers

Worn is all the pictures was Kitty Pirate Jeans (with cheeky open fly *wink*) from Boneflower

Black Ay hair from Deviant Kitties

Neko Stompers from Truth



  1. make me feel sane..can I have your panda babies???

  2. Ooooo yay!

    Wait… Are you a panda?

  3. Great find, Kitty! ❤ the video as always, keep em coming 🙂

  4. PUT ON UNDERWEAR pubic hair isn’t a fashion accessory!!!

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