Posted by: Carissa Crimson | September 25, 2007

Tesla Sculpted Vixen Pumps

When I saw the FashCon notice for these babies, I KNEW I had to get my greedy lil mitts on them.
Tesla Vixen

 Sculpted pumps in 9 YUMMY COLORS of realistic leather texturing. The black and red (far right) are in a sexy shiny patent version. These shoes are the PERFECT shape! I tend to have issues with how sculpted heels look on my feet, but no issues here. No adjustments needed, just elegant shoe loveliness.

To work with my NEW sexy reds, I pulled the Norma dress by Bossa Nova from my inventory and went classy.
Bossa Nova Norma
(Yep. that’s my booty rockin’ a system skirt)
Bossa Nova Norma

Full credits after the cut

Hair: Cora in Blonde by ETD
Skin: Sunkissed Cherry by Gala
Dress with Gloves & Hat: Norma in Midnight by Bossa Nova
Earrings: Claris Pearls by Muse
Shoes: Vixen Pumps in Red by Tesla



  1. Stunning, Carissa!

    Tesla’s shoes are sooo perfect.

  2. Thanks for the lovely review Carissa – Your pictures look great!

    Here’s a pic I took last night…

  3. They look great on you! I love the whole outfit in fact. VERY 1950’s 🙂 I just wish they look as good on me when i tried them 🙂

  4. Thank you so much! I had fun doing the piccies for this post, and yes Tesla is AMAZING!

  5. And Tesla! omg! I totally started out wearing my hot pink hose from Blaze and the white pumps when I started playing with taking pics. The closeup of the hose looked funky at the ankles though, so I ditched them. Funny…brilliant minds think alike though!

  6. Heheh, love pink!

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