Posted by: Serenity Mercier | October 2, 2007

The Maid’s Revenge

In the second installment of the Fashion Angels’ Halloween Week featuring costumes by AliciaKay Kilara of A Touch of Ireland, Serenity Mercier decides to come clean, and confess a dark secret.

“It was a year ago. I had just started in Second Life. I needed to earn some money, so I found a job as a maid to Count Cucurbita. At first, I enjoyed it. But he kept staring at me, never saying a word. It made me SO nervous! Then, one day…”


“La lala lala”


“Oh no! It’s him!”


“I’m so sick of him leering at me!”


“I’ve had enough!”



French Maid and Headless Horseman Pumpkinhead costumes by AliciaKay Kilara of Taste of Ireland.

Other credits:

Binx Hair in Red from Deviant Kitties

Light Skin with Grass Makeup from Minnu Model Skins

Clara Shoes in Black from Shiny Things

Bloody Stepmother Butcher’s Knife from Vertically Challenged

Poses from Jaded Visions

Setting is the Medieval Castle at RH Designs Woodshed


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