Posted by: Kitty Lalonde | October 3, 2007

A lot more deadly than a handbag

Guns. I love em, yes I know they’re terrible and responsible for many deaths. But there is a beauty to be found in the sleek evilness of a nice shiny shooter. And in these enlightened time, the person weilding the weapon is often likely to have a nice pair of jiggley bewbies, rather than a rock hard…. ego. *coughs*

I have a small arsenal in SL and I love nothing more than dressing up for my gun (not to shoot anyone, it just looks good!). The inspiration for this post (other than the fact that the fashion famine is still ongoing) comes from yesterday when I decided my inventory was lacking a crossbow (what?) so I scampered of to find one. And oh my, did I find the bollocks of all crossbows. If you want some sort of elegant hunting crossbow, or some sleek Blade-esque type thing, then please return to whatever you were doing before. Because my crossbow is grittier than a fresh cat litter tray.

This thing does everything, normal arrows, wall climber arrows, bug arrows that listen in on conversations (Murhahahahaha), scanner arrows, arrows that will make you a cup of coffee and give you a foot rub (Okay so I made that one up). Basically, if you come to a Last Call sale, and see me…. Run. Come back later. It’s really not worth it (all hypothetical of course, Last Call being, no script, no build, no fun etc etc).

Right, bum sucks to writing anymore (other than the crossbow costs a measly 620 lindenies and the guy (Vlk Soyer) is nicer than a greasy burger at 2am on a sunday morning when you’ve just fallen out of a club).

Oh yeah credits *stomps off cursing*

From the first picture we have

Air Raider Lady Outfit – Good Ol’ Bare Rose

Booty boots – Lilith Boot’s in Black from Dark Eden

The guns are Cleric guns by BloodDoll Lulu, and can only be found on SLex

Hair was Eiko in Cotton Candy from Deviant Kitties

In the second picture we have the crossbow of gorgeousness from Rusty Prims

The top is part of the Scum set from Wintermoon

Trews from Eat Rice

Booty Boots from Boneflower

Hair was Symon in Black from Deviant Kitties again

Skin used throughout was Deviant Nation in Fishnet (champagne) found at Last Call



  1. That is totally BADASS! 🙂 luv it!

  2. OooOoooo sexay piccies babes, and nice photoshoppery!

  3. *blushes profusely*

    Awww you guys!

    *holsters guns and unties you both*

  4. *scampers free, glaring at Kitty* I think you and your outfits and your accessories SUCK!

  5. *gasps*

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