Posted by: Queenie Extraordinaire | October 3, 2007

Evil Queen Breaking Vampire Hearts

Our week-long showcase of costumes from AliciaKay Kilara’s shop, A Touch of Ireland, continues tonight.  I have to admit that Serenity’s fun and creative coverage from last night is a tough act to follow.  The best thing about A Touch of Ireland is that you don’t necessarily need to wait forHalloween or a costume ball to take a visit and find some fabulous ensembles.  As her store name implies, you can also find a wide range of ethnicwear. 

When bosslady Madison told me that AliciaKay’s “Vampire Hearts” costume was right up my alley, she wasn’t kidding.  This blood-red gothic lolita outfit is sure to stop the most fearsome night creatures in their tracks.   This is a 7-piece set which includes everything below with the exception of the skin, hair and boots. 


I had also picked out “Evil Queen” which was inspired by Snow White.  Another full ensemble complete with shape and skin!  Because I just didn’t feel like “myself” in another shape I had plans to mod the prims (which thankfully ARE modifiable) to fit my own shape.  Unfortunately, I was unable to accomplish that in a timely manner; however you will see such a variety of AliciaKey Kilara’s work as each Fashion Angel shows off their picks, and ultimately in the feature article due in the next issue of the Metaverse Messenger.

Additional credits after the cut:

Hair: Wish II by Stumbelina Ophelia of Cake

Boots:  Demonia Boots by Kya Eliot of Hexed (fka Escape)

Skin:  Tears Red by Helyanwe Vindaloo of Deviant Kitties (this might be discontinued if memory serves me…but don’t quote me on that, take a look for yourself!)

Now I’m off to the beach for a long weekend of ocean breeze goodness before Old Man Winter takes over!




  1. eeeeee! it’s pumpkinhead’s evil mistress!!

  2. owwo . whats a nice design i like that .

  3. I am not sure how this works. Can I have the person who designed this contact me? email We are looking for a logo for our derby team and this is very close to what we are looking for.
    Boom Boom

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