Posted by: Carissa Crimson | October 4, 2007

Insolence Elise Pump [review]

I saw this post yesterday from Camilla of Insolence announcing the release of some new sculpty heels. Eyes popping at the “ooooooo preeettties!”, I rushed out to grab some demos, and then camilla was wonderful enough to drop them on me.

When I put them on, however, I thought SL was playing some sort of cruel joke on me. They weren’t all silky and shiny like the pics I saw on the release post. A quick IM to camilla cleared up the problem for me…I needed to enable Bumpmapping and Shiny on the Graphics Detail tab of my Preferences. and then “oooooooo pretties!’

Elise from Insolence

I love the rounded toe which will go so well with some of the vintage inspired designs I’ve been picking up lately from Ingenue and Bossa Nova. The straps cross that the top of the foot and are fastened with a detailed little buckle. Speaking of details…you must click here and view the texture on these beauties up close and personal. Shiny….oh and don’t miss the almost too tiny to be seen stitching along the straps. 

I needed no adjusting with the smallest size, but the Elise pump comes with two sizes and demos are available. 

Oh! and Insolence carries some of the highest quality lingerie in SL. More on that after the cut…

Scarlett from Insolence

While I was shopping, I couldn’t resist picking up one of these lovely ensembles…named Scarlett (after Budweiser Lingerie Contest winner, Scarlett Niven). A million little lace details and oh so sexy.

Hair: Sofia in Blonde by ETD
Skin: Chai in Cafe by Lovey’s Boutique
Earrings: Pearl Drops by Paper Couture
Necklace: Knotted Black Pearls by Simply Spoiled
Bracelet: Wrapped Pearls by Calla



  1. That shoe is amazing. It just jumps right off the page at you 😀

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