Posted by: Kitty Lalonde | October 6, 2007


Jack Skellington, most commonly known as the Pumpkin King, is back.

It’s well documented that after the runaway success of ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ Jack’s popularity skyrocketed but work for the promising new actor dried up fast. His physical appearance making him all too easily stereotyped into small parts in various computer games. By his own admission he’d hit ‘rock bottom’ as reports surfaced in tabloids about his spiralling decline into drink and drugs. After the death of his ghost dog Zero in 2005 Jack decided enough was enough. To the joy of his parents he went into rehab and cleaned up his act and his image. Now two years after the demise of his beloved companion he’s back and on fighting form, preparing to carve a name for himself in Second Life’s modelling circuit.

Top Fashion Angel reporter Kitty Lalonde caught up with him for this exclusive interview on his amazing turnaround.

KL: So Jack, I’d first of all like to congratulate you, you’re looking so incredibly well. How do you feel?

JS: Well Kitty, I have to tell you I feel GREAT! I mean really REALLY great. It’s been a tough ride but now I’m back.

KL: Awww that’s awesome hun! So, I have to ask, why the drastic switch from starring roles in hollywood blockbuster to the digital catwalks of the online world?

JS: Well, it’s hard to explain. After Nightmare came out work just dried up for me, it was hard to escape the pumpkin king role ya know? I mean I got some good work from the Kingdom Hearts and it’s sequel. But all the money went straight up my nose. I was a wreck, physically and mentally, and when Zero passed on I couldn’t take it anymore. I looked into the mirror and said “Jack. You need to stop this now”. It was a hard slog but I eventually got clean, got out, my agent started returning my calls *laughs*. It was a few months later when she told me about Second Life and I checked it out. Visiting a few of the more popular fashion shows. And then it hit me. All the models looked exactly like I did! Well not the great hulking beefy men, but the women.. All of them, lollypop headed clones, bit like you Kitty..

KL: Well… Thanks.. I think

JS: Haha! Just playing with you there. So anyway, it seemed like a glaringly obvious option to take, and I haven’t looked back yet. I’ve got a three year contract with Nocturnal Threads, which I’m using as my platform to get out there.

KL: So you’ll be sticking with the whole goth scene?

JS: Oh no no! I’ve been in talks with lots of designers, I can’t really mention any names but they have a sort of ummm ‘quad’ thing going. It’s all very exciting.

KL: Well it’s an amazing turnaround! So any plans for Sally to be joining you?

JS: Shit! Didn’t they tell you not to mention that?

KL: Well they did but…

JS: No buts, you’re out of line girlie

KL: Jack! Wait!

*door slams*

Kitty Lalonde’s resignation letter after the cut

Umm oh yeah, Pumpkin King costume at Touch of Ireland



  1. I canNOT believe you killed off Zero, you witch! (hahaha, j/k, funniest blog post EVAR!) ‚̧ Sans

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