Posted by: Sammie | October 7, 2007

Frank + Lily 4-Ever!

It was a dark and gloomy night in the graveyard at October Country. They met at the gallows, and it was love at first sight when Lily found Frank hanging charmingly by the neck. Hanging out at the old lighthouse, they discussed all their nightmares and fears. They discovered they were MFEO (made for each other).

(Where does Herman come into this story? Apparently, Frank suffered PTSD from being attacked by a horde of angry villagers on All Hallow’s Eve. Lily found Frank too emo for her tastes, and left him when a better munster came along, his older brother, Herman. Lily and her man live in a spacious castle in the suburbs with their son, Eddie, niece, Marilyn, and Lily’s father, Grandpa).

Costumes by the awesome AliciaKay Kilara at A Touch of Ireland! store. Comes with everything seen except the skin and eyes on Sans. Frank comes with the skin, clothing, shape, shoes, and hair (modeled by the talented and lovely, Phoenix Psaltery <3)

Skin: Demoness by Pandora Jensen, Panjen

Hair: Saleen (FREEBIE!) from Here Comes Trouble! (modded a bit for the Lily look)

Eyes: Silverscreen (Big) by Miriel Enfield.



  1. But it wasn’t “4-ever,” was it, Lily? You dropped me like a hot potato and hooked up with Herman and got the big house and the car and all the cobwebs you could ever want. I COULD HAVE GIVEN YOU ALL OF THAT, BUT NOOOOOOOO, you dumped me. Thanks a whole lot.

    Love and neck bites,

  2. i like the way it has been presented!
    i like the animation .

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