Posted by: Kitty Lalonde | October 8, 2007

Fairy Killer

Everynow and then you find something for sale in SL that you have to buy, not because you’ll wear it particularly. But because it’s just so insanely awesome it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside just knowing it’s nestled away in your inventory.

With this in mind I bring you The Dark Eden Fairy Silks.

Yeah, I said silks. Sorry y’all but I happen to like silks. You’re not likely to find me naduing in Last Call, neither will you ever EVER find me capitalising all my hes, his’s and hims. But some of the silks you can find in world are exceptionally beautiful, with delicate prim work. Sadly however you have to look through a whole heap of shit before you find them.

I digress however, Etain Peregrine, the sweetest little sadistic bunny in the whole of SL, has completely outdone herself with these. They’re imaginative, provocative and sexy, each little fairy looking exquisitely helpless. Oh and for those of you that balk at restraining fairies and strapping them to your person, there is the option of happy little shoulder perching fairies.

Like I said, you’ll probably never wear them. But even if you only throw them on to show people how fooking cool they are. You should buy them.

SLurl and stuffages after the cut.

Well obviously all the clothes come from Dark Eden

The Hair is Jami from Kin

Skin is Classic Glitter (silver 1) from Celestial Studios

Now just quickly. I’d like to say how very gutted I am about CC no longer being part of the fashion angels. I’m not taking any sides, over reactions on both parts and whatever. What I will say though. Is that it is a great loss and some people should perhaps put their pride aside and realise just what they have lost.

Meh, I’m not eloquent or particularly good at these things, but at least I’ve said my bit now.



  1. Awww babes, beautiful outfit and beautiful piccies as always (sim’s not bad either hehe).

    And I’m gutted about CC as well, I’ll miss her stylish and in depth fashion posts.

  2. Oh wow those silks are amazing! I love silks, but those blow me away! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love you Kitty. *cries*

  4. We all love you CC 🙂

  5. Oh – I MUST have those, and now. And I will parade them through all the PG Fairy/Elven sims I can find.

  6. Heh heh… bought them – everyone insanely jealous. Thanks Kitty!

  7. […] from Dark Delights (SLURL). And, speaking of angels, Kitty Lalonde of the M2 Fashion Angels blogged another Dark Eden outfit some time ago – I recognized it at the store and went to dig out the link […]

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