Posted by: Kitty Lalonde | October 14, 2007

This week I have been mostly eating…

Umm zebras and stuff. I’ve been meaning to do this post for a long long time, and with the bazillions of people showing of their sexy/slutty/not very scary halloween costumes I though I should show you lot the best costumes. Okay okay, it’s a tenuous link but feck it.

Of the many myriad of things that I am obsessed with in SL (gorean streaking post coming soon) one of them is avatars. I have spent an obscene amount of moolah on my avs. Some of them, granted, are more for my kids who think that mummy looks shit wearing fancy clothes and she should be a pink pony (actually I have to agree with them). But most of them is because they look ridiculously cool. Unfortunately pictures do very little to show how insanely funky they are so here’s a VIDEO!!!! (Yay!)

Dammit, I love that lion. Some of these avs (such as the lion) cost buckets but have more tricks than Paul Daniels on his knees in a seedy back alley. Some of them cost loads and do squat (but look very nice)

Credits for everything except hair and skins (I’m LAZY!!!!!) after the cut thingy for those of you that care (oh and a picture of all the cutey avs I was ‘forced’ to purchase *mutters*)

You know I hate this cack don’t you? I blame Jelly.

Pink pony with wingies and the ickle wich black ferret – Wynx Whiplash

Retarded Cow – Tardimals

Cutesy foxy – Dragons Keep

Evil werewolf – Mekan

Scary Unicorn – Sense

Spider and peacock – Grendels

The most pwning lion ever – Lost Ferals

Dragon – Isle of Wyrms

Cheetah and wolfy – The Werehouse

Compy (thats the ickle dinosaur) – Dinosaur Park

The evil bone skeleton thingy – DC’s 

Ghostbusters av (far too much fun) – Ad Infinitum

OOoo I’ve finished, yay.



  1. Would it be very wrong to say that I find some of those animals attractive? *blushes and runs away*

  2. What an excellent video, those avatars are fabulous! And you’re right, a pink pony is so much scarier than any of the Hallowe’e costumes I’ve seen to date…


  3. *sighs deeply* look darling the thing with the retarded cow was a one off, okay? I was very very drunk at the time.

    Can we just leave it now?

  4. Woah hold on just a minute…you mean that cow was YOU?!

  5. tie, i believe it was the sexy spider bite that got your sparks flying girl – or was that kitty who got bit? no wait, wasn’t tie playing kitty? but if it IS tie, then it must be kitty playing tie – which means kitty’s playing with herself again – Mom!!

  6. GREAT avatars. I love the pink pony 🙂

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