Posted by: Kitty Lalonde | October 15, 2007

Do something good

Do you long for an age where people didn’t add a lol or a ^^ at the end of every sentance? Does the misuse of the english language leave you trembling in the corner chewing on a stick?


Oh well. But if you’re feeling like brushing up on your vocabulary (or at the very least your dictionary skills) then I will have to point you to the Free Rice website.

It’s a pretty simple game, get the correct definition of a given word. But, for every word you get correct one of the advertisers on the site pays for 10 grains of rice to be given to one of the worlds many starving people in third world countries. Don’t worry if you cock one up, the site keeps your tally and you move onto the next word.

Killing a half hour has never given you such a warm snuggly feeling.

Free Rice



  1. This is totally irrelevant, but where the hell is that train?
    I mean, honestly.
    I want to visit it.

  2. Hehe the train is at The Far Away (use search places) and you can buy it too!

  3. Sentance?


  4. Shush! it wuz mi spel cheker thet speld it worng not me!

  5. You forgot to mention that it’s addictive!

  6. *quietly sits counting peas and lentils to send* Why didn’t I think of rice? *sighs*

  7. I stopped at 520 grains thank you so much for posting this, warm and fuzzy is correct, fuzzy a bit more so as by 520 I was starting to lose my mind …thank you again this was a realy realy nice thing to share with us all

    xoxox Sasy xoxox

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