Posted by: Kitty Lalonde | October 17, 2007

Big burning spotlight of doom catches Fade Dana

Fade Dana is an adorable little hat mechanic whose wares I snuggle on a cold winters night when Tie is out slutting/working/cold. Her shop (co owned with Govindira Galatea) D3volution is a crazy garage filled with unearthly delights (or summit).

As per usual I can’t actually be arsed to tell you about the products themselves so instead I bring to you a reluctant interview with fade herself.

Kitty Lalonde: So what was the first thing you thought when you got into SL? Fade Dana: you cant even interview me before at least 3 mugs (of coffee)
Kitty Lalonde: Yes I can
Kitty Lalonde points to the above question “See I already started!”
Fade Dana: FINE
Fade Dana: first think i thought when i entered SL was ‘this could be so much more’…
Fade Dana: alow me to EXPLAIN
Fade Dana: back then most SL avs looked like plants
Fade Dana: and i was personally greeted by Phil Linden who looked genuinly startled to see someone else
Fade Dana: he explained to me his concept behind SL
Fade Dana: which basically was
Fade Dana: theres no pron in onlien games rt?
Fade Dana: so i said Phil Phil Phil…..this could be so much more! think Interwb but in 3D!!!! hohoh omg!
Fade Dana: the end

Kitty Lalonde: What was the first thing you made in SL? (And if you say a cube then you’ll be using the autopsy table as a butt plug)

Fade Dana: ok well the first thing i made…and i can find supportive picture evidence was Roadkill
Fade Dana: after exploring for several days in this brave new world i decided my soulmate and constant companion should be a prim cause most everyone i met just wanted av secks
Kitty Lalonde hums
Fade Dana: well he wasnt as refined and handsome as he is now

Fade Dana: ill dig out a pic
Kitty Lalonde: Awww
Kitty Lalonde: Why is he called Koala?
Fade Dana: i had an australian animal fetish and dont tell him but his parents were koalas…well one was

Kitty Lalonde: My lovely wifie has requested a grandma by the way
Fade Dana: haha well i thought about that but 40 hours staring at pics of old men is enough for now
Fade Dana: naked
Fade Dana: old men
Kitty Lalonde: You LOVE it
Fade Dana: omfg SLANDEROUS!
Kitty Lalonde: Pffft
Kitty Lalonde: I notice you seem reluctant to make old women

Kitty Lalonde proves point
Fade Dana: omg im going to upload you the sourse i took it from…will make your eyes bleed!

The interview then deteriorated into conversation of the unprintable kind.

Anyhoo! After the cut we have the only SLurl you’ll ever need (unless you want a sexgen bed) and a lovely little romantic story! Yay!


Once upon a time there was a sad lonely old man called George. George’s days were filled with the complexities of pigeon racing and drinking real ale. However George thought there was something missing and so decided to find himself a wife.

He met Tiernan after answering her advert in the paper, after reading the very first line (Help! I’m horny and desperate) he fell in love with her. They met two days later and the affair began. Although shunned by an uncaring society their love was true and their life together was a happy one.

Nothing could blight their happiness until one day when Tie murdered George with a toilet brush in order to cash in on the insurance money.

The End

Oh yeah, everything you could ever want can be found at D3volution!



  1. Hehe I’m sure you’re competing to outdo yourself with each new post, babes. Fooking awesome! And the same applies to Fade’s stuff of course.

    *sighs wistfully* But I will miss Georgeh… even though his intestines do make a lovely g-string.

  2. As teh HaT MeChAniKs attourneh i advise you to not press teh old man fantasies. You began this interview with a lack of coffeh, i do believe that is against teh law where i come from.

  3. Hmm, You think that is nutty? try working with the awesome Fade! My Life will never be the same (normalish). Yeah and she needs more coffee to get going 😉 fed should be contacting you soon with papers with stamps and such.

  4. […] know I’ve blogged Fade Dana before. But get over it, the girl is a pure genius when it comes to the outlandish gritty hats and helmets […]

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