Posted by: Kitty Lalonde | October 18, 2007


In the absence of any other fashion angels, Tie and I have decided to rename this blog *drum roll*

Tie and Kitty’s Blog where they talk about all the shit they talk about on their own blog but here it gets posted on Fashion Planet!

*end drum roll*

Anyway’s we were doing on of our random sim hops, as usual coming across many many items of clothing for sale which I wouldn’t even wear to a bad taste party. Clothes like the ones in the above photo. Amidst the snickering and guffawing (nice word, no?) came the statement “A seven year old could do better than that”. Well, we decided to put our money where our mouths are (not Tie’s mouth, you don’t even want to see where THAT goes) and get not one, but TWO seven year olds to create some clothing for us! YAY us!

And here they are…

Okay, so in the name of fairness I made the alpha channels (hence the cack seam *sighs*) but everything else was done by them, in photoshop. But please, don’t let us walk smugly away feeling umm smug. Do tell us what you think about our little experiment.

Couple of other pictures after the cut of me and Tie sporting our lovely new tops in the ensembles picked out by the up and coming designers themselves to set off their creations perfectly!

There’s Tie in her lovely ensemble (I believe the top is named after a puppy or summit)

And there’s mine, after much debate and argument over hair etc. Innit the bollocks?

No SLurls, cos I’m lazy and seriously the stuff sold is shit! BUT if you want a lovely copy of the shirts, IM me or Tie in SL.



  1. OMG for the very first time in the history of SL evah Kitty and I have an exclusive fashion preview! WOOOOT!

    *resigns from fashion blogging forever, feeling a deep sense of satisfaction and completion*

  2. NOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooOOOOOO!!!!!!

    You have to do that post about how to wear blood stains to a fancy evening do!

  3. Oh you wanted blood stains? I thought you said something else….. ummm nevermind *runs away blushing*

  4. Y’all are nuts! And you both look like The Paris Hilton of Second Life : (

    😀 ❤ Sans

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