Posted by: Tiernan Serpentine | October 18, 2007

Slutty slave stuffs

Anyone who has ever been shopping for silks or taken a stroll through a Gorean sim will know that it’s very hard to find nice silky things. There’s a lotta crap everywhere really but particularly in the silks market with horrible textures and blinging chains. Soooooo… I had an inventory trawl and came up with some nice ones for aspiring slaves and veteran sluts alike.

This one from Solange is a new favourite, and the skirty drapey part accessorises very nicely with couture type outfits. It even turned a few eyes at a fashion store opening event (though that may have been the exposed nipple, not sure).

For a slightly more minimal look, on the right are red belled silks from The Lair next to a chain harness from Stygian Silks. Both perfect for any occasion, whether it’s lazing on the beach, visiting parents or public speaking.

Umm I have to go find slurls now, back in a bit….

Right, in no particular order-

Solange – the white drapey one

The Lair – the little red one

Stygian Silks – the tight, clinging chainy one

Hair – ETD

Skin – RaC

After the cut some more particularly slutty ones, yay!

Sometimes the right thing to do is just to let it all hang out and enjoy the warm breeze on bare skin and Worlds Apart is the place to go. Sweet Purity on the right does the hippie look. Whereas if you prefer the dragged through a hedge backwards and mauled by rabid dogs look then the little ripped, torn and dishevelled camisk will be perfect.

Worlds Apart



  1. Stop saying your pictures are crap or I’ll beat you!

    *wanders away to try and work out how she didn’t get insulted, or even mentioned in that post*

  2. My pictures are crap compared to yours, pfffft!

    And I like to save the insults and honourable mentions till the responses, you dirty sow.

  3. you two keep bickering, I’m gonna just get all excited about seeing a post about my creation!


    Thanks tieserpentine, what an unexpected surprise (i guess all surprises are unexpected but let me refer you to the dept of redundancy dept to help clarify my statement)

  4. *stops bickering just long enough to wave to Solange*

    Awww, glad you found the post even if it was both unexpected and surprising (though it shouldn’t be because according to the updated draft of regulations from the dept. of less blogged fashions your shop is awesome!)

  5. rrhhhh pretty hot I guess 🙂

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