Posted by: Kitty Lalonde | October 21, 2007

My christmas wish list

On one of my usual random whims months and months ago I decided I wanted a flapper dress. You know, with lots of tassle type thing and stuff. Anyhoo, I’d hunted around until my ADHD kicked in and then I forgot about it. Until today when Shai Delacroix released a flapper dress, YAY!

Ok, ok, the photo’s lame, PS was being mean to me so I threw a load of filters at the picture and called it done. Anyway, there it is. And doesn’t it look christmasy*cue tenuous link*

Yeah yeah I KNOW it’s not anywhere near Christmas, but my local supermarket has had all the toblerones and advent calenders out since september! Besides all that I want to make sure people have plenty of time to do a Jim’ll fix it for me. And so, in no uncertain order (and with a few of Tie’s too) is my wish list.

Can someone please make a tailored jacket with prim bits so it flares out around the hips.. Maybe in suede with a prim collar too!

Starley Therian: I love your skins but can you please take off the crazy highlights on face that were in the autumn skins and get photoshop happy with the eyeliner again. Oh and can you fiddle with my arse too *giggles*. The skins arse anyway. Danke

Trinitee Trillam: Can you make more amplify tops in different colours please?

Kin Keiko: Please make more hair! *whines*

Onyx LaShelle: Please please please take the clip clops out of your shoes, you have no idea of the deep psychological damage you’re doing!

Francis Chung: New car! Or if you want to make me a custom Shadow that’d work too!

Pictures of Tenshi and the unicorn *grins*

Ginny Talamasca: Can you please make some outfits that don’t look the same as the ones you’ve already done. Ta.

All the fashion bloggers to be nice to each other! Oh and while we’re on the unrealistic wishes can I have world peace too.

Although, having said that, can someone please bitch about me for five minutes or so, just so I feel like I’m popular.

Launa Fauna: More jeans! More tops! More things! Prim dungarees?

Truth Hawks: More ladies trainers/sneakers please

Luth Brodie: Please, please, please don’t put any more poses in that same vendor. I can’t even count up to 178.

And I’m done, oh here’s Tie’s though.

*Tie suddenly stops what she was doing and blinks, staring around* Wha? Me? A list? Oh umm….

Well, I think all the designers who make crap things should stop doing that and everyone making good stuff should continue.

Oh, and everyone doing the whole seasonal fashion releases should think about something more original as well. I’m starting to just ignore any posts with ‘new fall fashions’ or ‘new winter coat’ in the title… there’ve been a ton of knee length coats released recently which all look the frickin’ same!

More constructively though…

Winter Moon: Make some more stuff please!

Y7: Same applies! Especially some more skirts like the tartan ones.

RaC: I’d love to see some more makeup options (especially for the Drew skin if you need somewhere to start *hums*)

Nevermore: Hybrid 3 skins? *poke*

Everyone else: Surprise us with something new and different.

(Kitty’s edit – Dammit, I forgot about Nevermore! Yes, Hybrid 3 skins or else we’re going to ummm…. cry)

After cut bollocks

Okay the hair is one of my more sneaky finds (I hope) it’s from Unveil and is dangerously sexy with a very nice umm sheen I believe they call it (not sleen gor peeps, I don’t wear 6ft lizard things on my head)

Shoes are Clara from Shiny Things

Skin from Celestial Studios

And the dress from Casa Del Shai



  1. Thank you!! I thought I was going batty!

    Super post, Kitty. Be sure to repost after New Years and let us know if you got your wishes!

    /me submits and rushes to Shai’s for that dress….

  2. I used to wear Nevermore exclusively. I waited for well over a year for the promised Hybrid III’s. I asked if I could drive down and pick them up (Santana lives in my town) hahaha. Lex even offered a trade for jewelry. No go.

    Now I’m madly in love with Roslin Petion’s Vivant skins. I wear almost all of them and the freckle one looks so much like me in RL it blew Lex’s mind.

    Give them a try, I think you’ll really like them.

  3. Sweet Kitty, please don’t suffer cause of our shoes! We have put sounds in only 2 of our shoes and did so by adding an extra shoe. Just so people can throw it away, if they don’t like it. Truly, the last thing I wanted was to make you suffer πŸ˜‰

  4. Jebus P. Popsiclesticks. Is being rude and snarky the latest new trend in fashion blogging or what? Color me unimpressed. I’m not going to bitch about you so you can feel popular, I’m just going to delete this bookmark. I guess I should say thanks for making my fashion reading a little lighter. Nah, not going to do that either, I used to really enjoy this blog.

  5. Hehe I know most fashion blogs ooh and aah and say everything is wonderful and that’s all lovely and cozy, but there is room for criticism and complaint as well.

  6. Nope being rude and snarky wasn’t my plan, I was just commenting on stuff I like/don’t like.

    I’ve bought lots of things off all the people mentioned, that’s bought, not review copies. So therefore I feel I can spread my opinions if I need to.

    Although, you won’t be reading this will you?


    Other than that

    YAY for bitching!

  7. *cough*

    Don’t chase the customers away, bad kitty.



  8. I don’t know about some, but I myself find your posts informative and vastly entertaining. Or in other words, you damn near make me pee my pants laughing! So ignore the naysayer, I myself have bookmarked your blog and bought SO many of the things you all have showcased. Thanks for all your hard work!!!

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