Posted by: Madi | November 19, 2007

Evie’s Closet

*takes a deep breath and blows the dust off of Fashion Heaven*

If I have learned anything about fashion in SecondLife, its that you must wander to find the latest and greatest, truly good, not over-hyped “stuff” out there. It was in my recent adventures on the Avilion sims that I spied an adorable avatar, dressed as a fae, flutter by in a gorgeous gown. This is where my instincts kicked in and I employed my favorite method of discovery. “I love your dress – where did you get it?” Imagine my surprise when she responded with “I made it!”  And that is how I met Evangeline Miles of Evie’s Closet!

With many exciting things on the horizon for her line, I wanted to get the word out about Evie and her closet full of beautifully textured gowns, many themed perfectly for medieval and role play sims in SL. She recently opened a new location at Madison Place (has to be a great sim with that name, right?) and is about to release her first group freebie, Tya’s Spice, pictured below.   With just the right amount of flex and “poof,” this is a ball gown that is sure to make you feel like a princess.  Search “Evie’s Closet” in groups and you’ll find her in no time – ladies you do NOT want to miss this one!

Check out the upcoming issue of the Metaverse Messenger to read a designer spotlight on Miss Miles and see more of her work: Additional credits after the cut.

Tya's Spice by Evie's Closet

Hair:  Phoebe (freebie) in Mahogany by ETD

Skin:  Vogue – Cashmere (Mid – Burgundy) by Celestial Studios

Eyes:  Ocean – Adorable by Pixel Dolls

Jewelry:  Cross My Heart earrings and necklace by Miriel

Gown:  Tya’s Spice (Exclusive Group only freebie) by Evie’s Closet


  1. I was at Evie’s closet a few days ago and purchased the Autum Requiem Gown in Blue for my tiny faerie av.
    Unfortuniately the short skirt proved too big for my av’s tiny frame. So, I duly sent a note card to Evie for help and within 24hrs I had my new modified skirt! Now that’s what I call service!!
    Even if you are not into RP, Evie’s Closet is still worth a visit!

  2. […] benefits! For those of you who fell in love with Evie’s Closet and her first group freebie, Tya’s Spice, its gift time again! On Christmas Day, Evangeline Miles will deliver this new freebie, not for […]

  3. this website is great ,but it should have game where you create your own designs that would be even better.

    It’s just an idea.
    thankz bye
    keep in touch

  4. i’m love e-vie’s clothing it’s fab and i love fashion. i want to be a fashion designer

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