Posted by: Madi | January 29, 2008

Join the Glitterati

New Glitterati Skins

The skin design business right now is hot.  And let me tell you, the latest entry into this market is smokin’ hot!  Offered by Laura Leandros of Mojo, Glitterati skins are the latest to make a splash with resident fashionistas, debuting this past Saturday.  According to Laura’s note, these skins are “lovingly crafted to add a little glitz to your natural glamor.”  And that she did!

 Featuring bold eyebrows (yay for the NOT over-tweezed!), 9 skin tones, 40 make up options (20 for day, 20 for night), and 4 style variations (matte or gloss lips, with or without eyeliner), you are bound to find the perfect look for you.

While I find the eyes to be heavy on the make up – that’s the way they are supposed to be!  The shading is fabulous and its good to see a designer offering so many darker skin tones in their range.  The naughty bits are appropriately naughty and as pictured after the cut, the stomach and bum are nicely done. 

The only thing I noticed was the sort of line that appears behind the knee with the highlighting, but let me tell you this – who looks at the back of your knees!  The’ll be spending too much time looking at your glamorous face to notice. 

Another strong entry to the skin market, be sure to visit Mojo and check out Glitterati!

 Mostly naked-shot and skin names after the cut!

Glitterati Full Body Shot

Face shots, left to right and then top to bottom:

  • Tone 1 – Inara- Night/Gloss
  • Tone 2 – Amethyst – Day/Gloss
  • Tone 3 – Arcane – Night/Matte/Liner
  • Tone 4 – Amaranth Pink – Day/Matte
  • Tone 4 – Russian Gold – Night/Gloss/Liner
  • Tone 5 – Malachite – Night/Gloss/Liner
  • Tone 5 – Cerulean Blue – Day/Gloss
  • Tone 6 – Au Naturel – Night/Matte
  • Tone 7 – Iridium – Night/Matte/Liner
  • Tone 8 – Cobalt – Day/Matte
  • Tone 8 – Olive – Day/Gloss/Liner
  • Tone 9 – Garnet – Day/Matte

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  1. Looking extremely good – and I agree its good to see the differing skin tones (though would a range of body shapes would be too much to ask??).

  2. Not to mention face shapes 🙂

  3. Alas, the darkest two tones are still not available for demo/sale. I keep hoping they’ll show up!

    Thanks for the tip!

  4. Качество друзей тоже надо учитывать. Дональд Трамп, например, на двадцатку потянет.

  5. Пора переименовать блог, присвоив название связанное с доменами 🙂 может хватит про них?

  6. на края луны, без вины, без вина, она одна о_0 пробило еп*

  7. Даа… Достаточно спорно, поспорил бы с автором…

  8. Шрифт трудно читается у вас на блоге

  9. The needle warps the anguish. The knee shadows the practicing pun. The origin eases this trial album. Should the protocol camp behind the confident lark? The calendar twists on top of the mouse! Each extremist knocks over a graduate.

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