Posted by: Kitty Lalonde | October 17, 2007

Big burning spotlight of doom catches Fade Dana

Fade Dana is an adorable little hat mechanic whose wares I snuggle on a cold winters night when Tie is out slutting/working/cold. Her shop (co owned with Govindira Galatea) D3volution is a crazy garage filled with unearthly delights (or summit).

As per usual I can’t actually be arsed to tell you about the products themselves so instead I bring to you a reluctant interview with fade herself.

Kitty Lalonde: So what was the first thing you thought when you got into SL? Fade Dana: you cant even interview me before at least 3 mugs (of coffee)
Kitty Lalonde: Yes I can
Kitty Lalonde points to the above question “See I already started!”
Fade Dana: FINE
Fade Dana: first think i thought when i entered SL was ‘this could be so much more’…
Fade Dana: alow me to EXPLAIN
Fade Dana: back then most SL avs looked like plants
Fade Dana: and i was personally greeted by Phil Linden who looked genuinly startled to see someone else
Fade Dana: he explained to me his concept behind SL
Fade Dana: which basically was
Fade Dana: theres no pron in onlien games rt?
Fade Dana: so i said Phil Phil Phil…..this could be so much more! think Interwb but in 3D!!!! hohoh omg!
Fade Dana: the end

Kitty Lalonde: What was the first thing you made in SL? (And if you say a cube then you’ll be using the autopsy table as a butt plug)

Fade Dana: ok well the first thing i made…and i can find supportive picture evidence was Roadkill
Fade Dana: after exploring for several days in this brave new world i decided my soulmate and constant companion should be a prim cause most everyone i met just wanted av secks
Kitty Lalonde hums
Fade Dana: well he wasnt as refined and handsome as he is now

Fade Dana: ill dig out a pic
Kitty Lalonde: Awww
Kitty Lalonde: Why is he called Koala?
Fade Dana: i had an australian animal fetish and dont tell him but his parents were koalas…well one was

Kitty Lalonde: My lovely wifie has requested a grandma by the way
Fade Dana: haha well i thought about that but 40 hours staring at pics of old men is enough for now
Fade Dana: naked
Fade Dana: old men
Kitty Lalonde: You LOVE it
Fade Dana: omfg SLANDEROUS!
Kitty Lalonde: Pffft
Kitty Lalonde: I notice you seem reluctant to make old women

Kitty Lalonde proves point
Fade Dana: omg im going to upload you the sourse i took it from…will make your eyes bleed!

The interview then deteriorated into conversation of the unprintable kind.

Anyhoo! After the cut we have the only SLurl you’ll ever need (unless you want a sexgen bed) and a lovely little romantic story! Yay!

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Posted by: Serenity Mercier | October 16, 2007

New Ruffle Boots from Shiny Things

Fallingwater Cellardoor of Shiny Things devoted two and a half weeks of full-time work to create her new sculpted Ruffle Boots, and the results are stunning! Available in four colours – black, chocolate, coffee, and scarlet – the detail and texturing on these boots are truly exquisite.

The name Ruffle comes from the distinctive ruffling on the uppers and tongue, which – along with the shoe buttons – lend the boots a vintage charm. Look closely and you can see the exceptional care Fallingwater has invested in perfecting the texturing and ensuring all the details of design are exact.


Captivated by the old world charm of these boots, I decided to teleport to Barcelona del Oeste, one of my favourite sims, where I tried on a number of outfits to get a feel for what would work best. I settled on jeans and pants as my personal preference, but there’s no question these boots are versatile enough to work with dresses and skirts too.


Ruffle Boots in Chocolate 


 Ruffle Boots in Coffee


Ruffle Boots in Scarlet


Ruffle Boots in Black

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Posted by: Kitty Lalonde | October 15, 2007

Do something good

Do you long for an age where people didn’t add a lol or a ^^ at the end of every sentance? Does the misuse of the english language leave you trembling in the corner chewing on a stick?


Oh well. But if you’re feeling like brushing up on your vocabulary (or at the very least your dictionary skills) then I will have to point you to the Free Rice website.

It’s a pretty simple game, get the correct definition of a given word. But, for every word you get correct one of the advertisers on the site pays for 10 grains of rice to be given to one of the worlds many starving people in third world countries. Don’t worry if you cock one up, the site keeps your tally and you move onto the next word.

Killing a half hour has never given you such a warm snuggly feeling.

Free Rice

Posted by: Kitty Lalonde | October 14, 2007

This week I have been mostly eating…

Umm zebras and stuff. I’ve been meaning to do this post for a long long time, and with the bazillions of people showing of their sexy/slutty/not very scary halloween costumes I though I should show you lot the best costumes. Okay okay, it’s a tenuous link but feck it.

Of the many myriad of things that I am obsessed with in SL (gorean streaking post coming soon) one of them is avatars. I have spent an obscene amount of moolah on my avs. Some of them, granted, are more for my kids who think that mummy looks shit wearing fancy clothes and she should be a pink pony (actually I have to agree with them). But most of them is because they look ridiculously cool. Unfortunately pictures do very little to show how insanely funky they are so here’s a VIDEO!!!! (Yay!)

Dammit, I love that lion. Some of these avs (such as the lion) cost buckets but have more tricks than Paul Daniels on his knees in a seedy back alley. Some of them cost loads and do squat (but look very nice)

Credits for everything except hair and skins (I’m LAZY!!!!!) after the cut thingy for those of you that care (oh and a picture of all the cutey avs I was ‘forced’ to purchase *mutters*)

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Posted by: Kitty Lalonde | October 8, 2007

Fairy Killer

Everynow and then you find something for sale in SL that you have to buy, not because you’ll wear it particularly. But because it’s just so insanely awesome it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside just knowing it’s nestled away in your inventory.

With this in mind I bring you The Dark Eden Fairy Silks.

Yeah, I said silks. Sorry y’all but I happen to like silks. You’re not likely to find me naduing in Last Call, neither will you ever EVER find me capitalising all my hes, his’s and hims. But some of the silks you can find in world are exceptionally beautiful, with delicate prim work. Sadly however you have to look through a whole heap of shit before you find them.

I digress however, Etain Peregrine, the sweetest little sadistic bunny in the whole of SL, has completely outdone herself with these. They’re imaginative, provocative and sexy, each little fairy looking exquisitely helpless. Oh and for those of you that balk at restraining fairies and strapping them to your person, there is the option of happy little shoulder perching fairies.

Like I said, you’ll probably never wear them. But even if you only throw them on to show people how fooking cool they are. You should buy them.

SLurl and stuffages after the cut. Read More…

Posted by: Sammie | October 8, 2007

Going Dutch

I’m in love.

It started out innocently enough with a post from Ben Vanguard at SL Man, blogging this purple leather jacket by Iki Ikarus. Wow! A quick hop, skip and teleport later I was completely broke and in possession of several new-but-old-and-comfy-looking pieces from Dutch Touch, including the purple leather jacket. In fact, I loved it so much, I talked Phoenix into buying one too (Okay, so the truth is he bought mine for me, and then I made him buy himself one…we vowed to stay together through richer and poorer, and he’s richer while I’m poorer <grin>).

I found some amazing great stuff there, ladies. The whole build is fantastic, very warehouse-grunge. It kind of reminds me of FORM both in the style of the build and the style of the clothing, but there is lots more for girls at Dutch Touch. What I loved the most is this color of red that you don’t see very often in SL, a very deep crimson color that is the perfect contrast with the rest of the clothing which is mostly in shades of gray, brown and olive green.

I also found a sweet plaid sweater paired with an unbuttoned, button-down white shirt underneath, and 3/4 length dark denim cuffed shorts. Believe me, I didn’t buy everything, but I wanted to. Prices are a little bit up there, but the quality and layering/separates options are there. A mix of hand-drawn/photosource, the artistry is apparent here. Iki Ikarus has a lot to be proud of with this great collection!



Photo 1: “Simmie” jacket in purple, “Longsleeves Striped shirt” in green, “Torned” male jeans from Dutch Touch.

Photo 2: “Longsleeves Striped” shirt in dark gray, “Simmie” jacket in vintage darkbrown, and male “Torned” jeans from Dutch Touch.

Hair: Calico, “Blake” in midnight.

Skin: “Adam” full body hair 02 from Second Skin Labs.

Glasses: “Johnathan” from Persnickety.


Photo 1: Dutch Touch “ikiDress” red shirt; “Jeans” light; “Simmie” jacket in purple

Photo 2: Dutch Touch “Myrthe” sweater/shirt in green/white; “Shorts Bluejeans Brownwashed”

Skin: Cake, Sierra Skins, Pearl I 400

Hair: Gurl6 “Sweetpea” in Chestnut

Eyes: Miriel “Aquamarine (Big)”

Posted by: Sammie | October 7, 2007

Frank + Lily 4-Ever!

It was a dark and gloomy night in the graveyard at October Country. They met at the gallows, and it was love at first sight when Lily found Frank hanging charmingly by the neck. Hanging out at the old lighthouse, they discussed all their nightmares and fears. They discovered they were MFEO (made for each other).

(Where does Herman come into this story? Apparently, Frank suffered PTSD from being attacked by a horde of angry villagers on All Hallow’s Eve. Lily found Frank too emo for her tastes, and left him when a better munster came along, his older brother, Herman. Lily and her man live in a spacious castle in the suburbs with their son, Eddie, niece, Marilyn, and Lily’s father, Grandpa).

Costumes by the awesome AliciaKay Kilara at A Touch of Ireland! store. Comes with everything seen except the skin and eyes on Sans. Frank comes with the skin, clothing, shape, shoes, and hair (modeled by the talented and lovely, Phoenix Psaltery <3)

Skin: Demoness by Pandora Jensen, Panjen

Hair: Saleen (FREEBIE!) from Here Comes Trouble! (modded a bit for the Lily look)

Eyes: Silverscreen (Big) by Miriel Enfield.

Posted by: Kitty Lalonde | October 6, 2007


Jack Skellington, most commonly known as the Pumpkin King, is back.

It’s well documented that after the runaway success of ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ Jack’s popularity skyrocketed but work for the promising new actor dried up fast. His physical appearance making him all too easily stereotyped into small parts in various computer games. By his own admission he’d hit ‘rock bottom’ as reports surfaced in tabloids about his spiralling decline into drink and drugs. After the death of his ghost dog Zero in 2005 Jack decided enough was enough. To the joy of his parents he went into rehab and cleaned up his act and his image. Now two years after the demise of his beloved companion he’s back and on fighting form, preparing to carve a name for himself in Second Life’s modelling circuit.

Top Fashion Angel reporter Kitty Lalonde caught up with him for this exclusive interview on his amazing turnaround.

KL: So Jack, I’d first of all like to congratulate you, you’re looking so incredibly well. How do you feel?

JS: Well Kitty, I have to tell you I feel GREAT! I mean really REALLY great. It’s been a tough ride but now I’m back.

KL: Awww that’s awesome hun! So, I have to ask, why the drastic switch from starring roles in hollywood blockbuster to the digital catwalks of the online world?

JS: Well, it’s hard to explain. After Nightmare came out work just dried up for me, it was hard to escape the pumpkin king role ya know? I mean I got some good work from the Kingdom Hearts and it’s sequel. But all the money went straight up my nose. I was a wreck, physically and mentally, and when Zero passed on I couldn’t take it anymore. I looked into the mirror and said “Jack. You need to stop this now”. It was a hard slog but I eventually got clean, got out, my agent started returning my calls *laughs*. It was a few months later when she told me about Second Life and I checked it out. Visiting a few of the more popular fashion shows. And then it hit me. All the models looked exactly like I did! Well not the great hulking beefy men, but the women.. All of them, lollypop headed clones, bit like you Kitty..

KL: Well… Thanks.. I think

JS: Haha! Just playing with you there. So anyway, it seemed like a glaringly obvious option to take, and I haven’t looked back yet. I’ve got a three year contract with Nocturnal Threads, which I’m using as my platform to get out there.

KL: So you’ll be sticking with the whole goth scene?

JS: Oh no no! I’ve been in talks with lots of designers, I can’t really mention any names but they have a sort of ummm ‘quad’ thing going. It’s all very exciting.

KL: Well it’s an amazing turnaround! So any plans for Sally to be joining you?

JS: Shit! Didn’t they tell you not to mention that?

KL: Well they did but…

JS: No buts, you’re out of line girlie

KL: Jack! Wait!

*door slams*

Kitty Lalonde’s resignation letter after the cut

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Posted by: Tiernan Serpentine | October 6, 2007

Noi den, noi den

Woohooo more costume goodness from A Touch of Ireland! It’s for gypsies, costume lovers, people who like celtic knot embroidery and people who enjoy poofy skirts. Oh, and people who play the tambourine. I think that just about covers it. Oh yes, it’s very lovely too and look at the colours!

The overall look of the outfit is beautiful, however for the sake of a fair review I have to say that the seams, prim accessories and shoes do leave a bit to be desired. If you’re particularly picky (like me) and delete, give away or consign outfits to your ‘stuff never worn’ folder when you realise it’s not quite as good as it was in the picture, then this outfit will be a dissapointment. Of course you don’t have to wear the prim accessories and you could always grow excessively long underarm hair to cover the seams (like me).

Posted by: Carissa Crimson | October 5, 2007

A Disney Halloween

More from AliciaKay Kilara’s shop, A Touch of Ireland today. I grew up on Disney movies, so it should come as no surprise to anyone that I chose one of fairytale land’s most beloved princesses, Cinderella (I mean, come on, it’s the ORIGINAL rags to riches storyline) and the most Supercalifragilistic nanny ever, Mary Poppins.


The Cinderella costume comes complete with gloves, choker, and headband, but I chose to wear the headband that is part of the new AmyJane hair from Truth, and the Crystal slippers from Bare Rose were the perfect complement for the costume.

A Spoon Full o’ Sugar
Mary Poppins

This costume is total perfection. Complete with ribbon tied hat and umbrella. One thing I wish I had done differently is I should have worn some of the vintage button boots from X3D for a more head to toe Mary Poppins transformation.

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