Posted by: Carissa Crimson | October 4, 2007

Insolence Elise Pump [review]

I saw this post yesterday from Camilla of Insolence announcing the release of some new sculpty heels. Eyes popping at the “ooooooo preeettties!”, I rushed out to grab some demos, and then camilla was wonderful enough to drop them on me.

When I put them on, however, I thought SL was playing some sort of cruel joke on me. They weren’t all silky and shiny like the pics I saw on the release post. A quick IM to camilla cleared up the problem for me…I needed to enable Bumpmapping and Shiny on the Graphics Detail tab of my Preferences. and then “oooooooo pretties!’

Elise from Insolence

I love the rounded toe which will go so well with some of the vintage inspired designs I’ve been picking up lately from Ingenue and Bossa Nova. The straps cross that the top of the foot and are fastened with a detailed little buckle. Speaking of details…you must click here and view the texture on these beauties up close and personal. Shiny….oh and don’t miss the almost too tiny to be seen stitching along the straps. 

I needed no adjusting with the smallest size, but the Elise pump comes with two sizes and demos are available. 

Oh! and Insolence carries some of the highest quality lingerie in SL. More on that after the cut…
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Posted by: Queenie Extraordinaire | October 3, 2007

Evil Queen Breaking Vampire Hearts

Our week-long showcase of costumes from AliciaKay Kilara’s shop, A Touch of Ireland, continues tonight.  I have to admit that Serenity’s fun and creative coverage from last night is a tough act to follow.  The best thing about A Touch of Ireland is that you don’t necessarily need to wait forHalloween or a costume ball to take a visit and find some fabulous ensembles.  As her store name implies, you can also find a wide range of ethnicwear. 

When bosslady Madison told me that AliciaKay’s “Vampire Hearts” costume was right up my alley, she wasn’t kidding.  This blood-red gothic lolita outfit is sure to stop the most fearsome night creatures in their tracks.   This is a 7-piece set which includes everything below with the exception of the skin, hair and boots. 


I had also picked out “Evil Queen” which was inspired by Snow White.  Another full ensemble complete with shape and skin!  Because I just didn’t feel like “myself” in another shape I had plans to mod the prims (which thankfully ARE modifiable) to fit my own shape.  Unfortunately, I was unable to accomplish that in a timely manner; however you will see such a variety of AliciaKey Kilara’s work as each Fashion Angel shows off their picks, and ultimately in the feature article due in the next issue of the Metaverse Messenger.

Additional credits after the cut:

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Posted by: Kitty Lalonde | October 3, 2007

A lot more deadly than a handbag

Guns. I love em, yes I know they’re terrible and responsible for many deaths. But there is a beauty to be found in the sleek evilness of a nice shiny shooter. And in these enlightened time, the person weilding the weapon is often likely to have a nice pair of jiggley bewbies, rather than a rock hard…. ego. *coughs*

I have a small arsenal in SL and I love nothing more than dressing up for my gun (not to shoot anyone, it just looks good!). The inspiration for this post (other than the fact that the fashion famine is still ongoing) comes from yesterday when I decided my inventory was lacking a crossbow (what?) so I scampered of to find one. And oh my, did I find the bollocks of all crossbows. If you want some sort of elegant hunting crossbow, or some sleek Blade-esque type thing, then please return to whatever you were doing before. Because my crossbow is grittier than a fresh cat litter tray.

This thing does everything, normal arrows, wall climber arrows, bug arrows that listen in on conversations (Murhahahahaha), scanner arrows, arrows that will make you a cup of coffee and give you a foot rub (Okay so I made that one up). Basically, if you come to a Last Call sale, and see me…. Run. Come back later. It’s really not worth it (all hypothetical of course, Last Call being, no script, no build, no fun etc etc).

Right, bum sucks to writing anymore (other than the crossbow costs a measly 620 lindenies and the guy (Vlk Soyer) is nicer than a greasy burger at 2am on a sunday morning when you’ve just fallen out of a club).

Oh yeah credits *stomps off cursing*
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Posted by: Serenity Mercier | October 2, 2007

The Maid’s Revenge

In the second installment of the Fashion Angels’ Halloween Week featuring costumes by AliciaKay Kilara of A Touch of Ireland, Serenity Mercier decides to come clean, and confess a dark secret.

“It was a year ago. I had just started in Second Life. I needed to earn some money, so I found a job as a maid to Count Cucurbita. At first, I enjoyed it. But he kept staring at me, never saying a word. It made me SO nervous! Then, one day…”


“La lala lala”


“Oh no! It’s him!”


“I’m so sick of him leering at me!”


“I’ve had enough!”



French Maid and Headless Horseman Pumpkinhead costumes by AliciaKay Kilara of Taste of Ireland.

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Posted by: Queenie Extraordinaire | October 1, 2007

Sexy In Pink!

Sometimes I take a bunch of pics, tuck ’em safely into a folder…and then they never see the light of day again.  Because I have been a bad blogger lately (RL, yada, work, yada yada and…yada, yada, yada *wink wink* LOL), this was the case with Kirsten Corleone of Sexy In Pink as she had graciously supplied me with my choices from her store two months ago!

Kirsten is multi-talented and I have had the pleasure of working along side of her as a Top Model for the ASpiRE! agency.  She is also a live singer as well as a designer (which would be why I am talking about her, huh?).  Her store, Sexy In Pink, opened in April of this year and it was inspiring to watch a fellow model tap into her own creativity.  I look back over my 3 years in SL and see how far some designers have come, and I get excited to think about where the new designers of 2007 will be 3 years from now.

Now don’t let the name of the store fool you, there is much more than PINK to be found!  As you’ll see from the pics, Kirsten has been honing her photosourcing skills, which I know are not everybody’s cup o’ tea, however she can work the prims as well.  I am going to show you a small sampling of the variety of styles you can find at SIP.

Shredded Punk, shown below, was a favorite for me…and yes, it is partially pink; but it’s punk and that’s what sold me 😉 


Golden Goddess is a shimmering halter dress, perfect for the metallic craze of this seasons’ fashions:


And finally, for the motorcycle mamas, Biker Babe, complete with the prim boots!


You can find a range of affordable clothing at Kirsten’s Sexy In Pink store, as well as shapes now, and I look forward to what the future holds!

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Posted by: Madi | October 1, 2007

It’s Halloween Week in Fashion Heaven!

This week, the Angels are getting ready for Halloween! Partnering with AliciaKay Kilara of A Touch of Ireland, each day this week we’ll feature a costume or two from her lovely shops. From princesses to gypsies, to creatures of the night, you’ll see it all. Come back each day to see your favorite Angels and their take on the outfits.

My post, however, serves as more of a preview! Have you ever longed for a home called Tara? Wanted to yell at someone “Franky my dear, I don’t give a damn!”? Do you find yourself saying “Ash-leh, Ash-leh, Ash-leh” in your best southern accent? Well, the first costumes up for review are for you!

Check out the Metaverse Messenger to be released later this week where the reviews and full pictures will be published. Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

blog teaser scarlet red

blog teaser scarlet green

Posted by: Carissa Crimson | September 29, 2007

Second Wave: Angelina Blouse [review]

I saw the posting on Fashion Planet from Second Wave Apparel for the Angelina blouse, and I adored the rouching so I had to try them up close and personal. Overall, I love these blouses but I do have a couple of minor issues.

The front of the top is gathered and closed with a row of tiny pearl buttons leading up to the mandarin style collar. The texture style of the fabric varies depending on which color of the rainbow you pick from the wide selection. Some colors are silky while others have a cottony matte look. (There is another color available called Strawberry but it has joined the other poor content victims of the SL inventory loss bug).

The blouse comes with three shirt layer options, but I would have LOVED if the jacket layer extended past the pants waistband. It’s getting cooler out and I feel the need to cover up. There are also some minor seam issues at the arms, but it’s perfect for layering, and at $L95 a piece, it’s a steal.

To deal with the slight strip of tummy skin, I chose a pair of highwaisted pants from Blaze, and today’s outfit was born.

I just kind of had a hankering for going earthy.
Full Credits after the cut
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Posted by: Madi | September 26, 2007

Heavenly Hash

Heavenly Hash - Last Call Style

OK, so I’m not entirely sure this qualifies as a Heavenly Hash, but I was really pleased with this combo, a few people asked about it, and I wanted to share. I was digging Last Call’s latest jacket from her Frida outfit, but wanted something with a bit more of a fall feel. I walked a little farther into the store and found Julie with a sleeveless cowl-neck sweater that sports an amazing sculptie neck.

For the jeans, I must say I have not found a pair I like more than the original pair of prim-legged jeans I purchased at LF Fashions so long ago – ’till now. I saw someone walking around at Last Call with a pair that, much to my delight, actually came with Frida and the jacket that started this whole shopping trip.

Last up, I wanted a nice pointy stiletto to finish the look. I remembered CC had modeled some amazing heels by Lyra Muse recently, so I simply wandered down the street and picked up these, Paige in black.

Hope you like it too! Happy shopping 🙂

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Posted by: Carissa Crimson | September 26, 2007

Old Hollywood and MORE

So I finally put on one of my new outfits from Last Call today, and had a little fun accessorizing with jewelry I recently picked up from Muse. I was a bit monotone in black and white, so I added some splashes of red with a beret, corset, and gloves. Then…I had the HARDEST time finding the perfect makeup, but I was totally saved from my skin indecision by a group freebie. YEP. Free-bie. Minnu Palen has been at it again, and generously showered her Update group members with the beautiful Old Hollywood makeup on Pale skin.
Old Hollywood Skin
PERFECTO! Soft eyes with creamy dramatic lips, a sexy beauty mark on the upper left cheek, and immaculate pencil thin brows.
If you’re curious…here’s the outfit I was wearing.
Old Hollywood Outfit
(You’ll find the credits after the cut)

And while we’re on the subject of Gorgeous MM Skin…pssst! New makeups for the Fair skin tone line. Enjoy:
New Fair Makeup - MMSKINS
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Posted by: Carissa Crimson | September 25, 2007

Tesla Sculpted Vixen Pumps

When I saw the FashCon notice for these babies, I KNEW I had to get my greedy lil mitts on them.
Tesla Vixen

 Sculpted pumps in 9 YUMMY COLORS of realistic leather texturing. The black and red (far right) are in a sexy shiny patent version. These shoes are the PERFECT shape! I tend to have issues with how sculpted heels look on my feet, but no issues here. No adjustments needed, just elegant shoe loveliness.

To work with my NEW sexy reds, I pulled the Norma dress by Bossa Nova from my inventory and went classy.
Bossa Nova Norma
(Yep. that’s my booty rockin’ a system skirt)
Bossa Nova Norma

Full credits after the cut
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