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Metaverse Messenger Fashion Angels

Review Copy Policy

The Metaverse Messenger (M2) is the most widely read newspaper in the virtual world of Second Life, publishing news and feature articles on events affecting the virtual world’s millions of residents. Published weekly, the paper has an international staff of 35 writers, a community outreach program which includes fundraising and education, and an internship agreement with the Pellissippi State Technical Community College in Knoxville, Tennessee. The M2 has been featured in Wired, Business News, The Phoenix, The Chicago Tribune, The Austin-American Statesman, The Observer, CNet, Le Monde, and Columbia Journalism Review. The Metaverse Messenger: A Real Newspaper For A Virtual World.

The Fashion Angels are a team of writers for the M2, assembled to provide balanced coverage of the SL fashion industry. Articles include reviews of newly released items, previews and recaps of fashion shows and events, the Designer Spotlight Series, a makeover series, and advice columns. Additionally, the team will host fashion-related shows and events on a regular basis.

As the Angels embark on their mission, it important that the use and coverage of review items be addressed.

1. The Fashion Angels will review solicited items in the paper or on our blog within three weeks of requesting an item. If designer does not wish to supply items for review, please let us know.

2. If unsolicited copies are received, the Angel who receives the item can not guarantee coverage in the paper or on our blog. Being aware of new releases is beneficial for more than just reviews – designs could be purchased for a makeover, or an Angel may be interested in the designer as a whole for the spotlight series. Content creators can’t be featured if one of the Angels don’t know about them and their offerings.

3. If an item is not reviewed, solicited or not, the Angel will get back to the designer with feedback, providing rationale as to why. It is not the practice of the team to write negative reviews. The goal is to be sincere, accentuating the positive while providing our honest opinion with the readers.

4. Review copies will be returned when requested. The Fashion Angels are in the business of stopping fashion disasters one outfit at a time, not accepting review copies for the sake of getting items for free. If the designer prefers, all items given as review copies shall be returned.

If there is ever a question about the conduct of one of the Fashion Angels, please contact Madison Donnelly in-world or at If there is a question about Madison, please send a note to Katt Kongo at

For more information on the Metaverse Messenger, visit For more information on the Fashion Angels, contact Madison Donnelly, visit our blog or visit our offices on the sixth floor of the Metaverse Messenger Building at Sido (169,183,26).

v2.1 Oct. 7, 2007


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