Posted by: Serenity Mercier | September 3, 2007

Fashion Show for New Designers (Apply Now!)

Alaska Metropolitan of Opium has just launched her new modelling agency, Metro Models. To celebrate, she plans to showcase new designers at a fashion show later this month. Here’s Alaska’s post:

As a new, “boutique-style” model agency prepares to start up, we’d like to give new designers a chance to be showcased. Because this will be our first show, it will be FREE publicity for your fashion items! The showcase, tentatively titled “New Shoots”, will be held towards the end of September. What we are offering 4 new designers:

– A showcase of 4 outfits to be modelled during the show

– A keepsake book/catalogue for show participants to leave with, including photos of your designs

– Vendor space (box with “sell contents only!) during + after the show, with a total of 10 vendors

– All the publicity that comes along with being part of a fashion show in Second Life. Movers and shakers of the SL fashion community will be invited.

To apply, please drop the following on me (Alaska Metropolitan) before Sunday, September 9th, 2007:

A note card with:
1) Your avatar name
2) your birthdate in SL
3) your store brand/name
4) up to 5 photos of your products
5) a landmark to your store/mall location in SL (or a link if you only sell via shop.onrez or SLExchange)
6) a short paragraph detailing why you’d like to be part of a fashion show, what your inspirations are for your fashion, and what you see yourself doing in the future in Second Life.

Only avatars under the age of 4 months (as of today’s date) are eligible. Thank you for your understanding. Preparing for a fashion show is work and you’ll be asked to supply the models with clothing they will keep, as well as some text describing the outfits. Therefore, we ask only serious designers to apply. 🙂

Link to Alaska’s Blog:  “My Virtual World”


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